Happiness comes from within!

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Fulfillment in ones act always happened when you have done something good in your fellowmen and in the community. If you have a heart to serve, even though you are not told to do so, it is an innate instinct of oneself to lend a helping a hand.
To let you understand more on what I am talking about, Let me start to tell everything regarding what I did during the festival in our community. I really miss those days where I surprised my neighbors with my effort of preparing our simple costume to be used during our parade and final competition.
Our team leader told me that during their meeting, they have come up into an agenda of having a competition on different events that will be handled by different assigned committees. One of those is the Ati-Atihan or Sinulog parade and showdown in honor of our patron saint Sr. Sto. Niño. This event happened every 15th day of January. The time wherein the whole community are celebrating with joy and thanking God for the abundance of blessings received for the previous years as well as the future years to come.
It is a wonderful celebration because our whole family are enjoying as well as our neighborhood. In this event, I can feel the spirit of cooperation,unity, respect, and happiness that cannot be felt in ordinary days. Sometimes I can say into myself that, if only these feeling of oneness be practiced everyday; there will always be peace and harmony not only in the community that I am living but all throughout the place we are living; our country; our universe.
I can still feel the LOVE of my neighbors because during that event I prepared for them the headdress that they will be wearing. I can see in the eyes of young children the excitement to join the parade even though we walk more than three km. I can sense also their determination to win.
Indeed; we won!
With that simple things I contribute for the success of the event, everybody was happy and thankful because they are bringing the pride of being a champion. By simply watching them screaming for victory; I can say that money cannot buy the feeling of fulfillment in making others happy. Thank you. Juliet


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Sometimes doing tnings that is new to us seems very surprising to everyone. But it won't matter as long as you have the passion from it. It's fun to join in the community, it will make you discover new things and new understandings in life. We all know how fun is sinulog, since I'm from Leyte but currently living in Cebu.

keep it up po, gusto ko ang pamamaraan sa pagsulat. Tuloy tuloy and daloy and most of it may ibig sabihin.

Happy to know someone living in Cebu who can relate on what I am writing. Thank you.

It's been ages that I did this comment
lol buy anyway thanks for replying.