Who run the world? Girls! Girls!- A story about Marriage

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Marriage is one of the 7 sacraments for Catholics it also called matrimony. Whatever your religion, wedding ceremony is practice even in tribal natives. It is the union of the 3 hearts and souls. Why three? include god the father not only the couple, in the absence of him is a total disaster and drought. Hearing those phrases from folklores, you have to get married in a church to receive a blessing. Somehow true, living under the beam of him secures the two of you not to get ashamed living under the same roof and head held high walking in a pineapple eye of our society.

"I, ______, take you, ______, for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part."

What's the trend now? the blessing has been already carried inside the womb and then the family of the wife will require such marriage making it as a damage control that will reflect the stake of their reputation. For ladies, it is the biggest and most special day of their life. They are the one who is keen on preparing the wedding and all should be complete. Expense of the wedding depends on the couple's decision, some financially stabled couple choose to have a simple wedding for being practical, some made a loan to achieve grandiose wedding and some just availed the free wedding initiated by the government agency or organization.

The question now, do they prepare also the life after the wedding called "marriage"? This is the REAL challenge, from the exchanged vows made in front of the witnessed and invited attendees. Can couple cannot break their promises to Gee-Oh-Dee? Being Christians, can they live abiding the law of our Almighty Father? For me wedding is just a priceless standard ticket to access the holy marriage. It doesn't need to be expensive but we human have different reasoning. Taking this sacrament is no iceberg theory but a real mountain that must climb the slope to reach the peak.

I remember when I watched an indie documentary movie, a real story of an old rocker couple celebrating their golden anniversary and they were randomly asked about the secret behind their successful marriage.

The old woman said an open communication and respect your partner while the old gent said an extra-ordinary patience and adding the half meant joke "treat your wife as your boss to end the conflict and avoid being f#*3d up".

I was smiling alone it is very true there's nothing wrong to being a submissive husband as long as you are in the path walking to the same direction and the goal is for the betterment of the family. Are you the type of a husband who is under the shade of the skirt of your wife? Are you the type of a wife that can be called "commander"? In times of your rage, is your husband softens and transform into a puppy-like innocent pet. Any excess is not good you might abuse it and grabbing down the morale of your husband. It should be balanced but if it's effective saving your partner in a dangerous cliff then go on.

Love can move a mountain and even death can't stop it. It's the gift of our GOD the father that we must thank for. Happy Sabbath Day Peeps!!!

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“Love can move a mountain and even death can't stop it. It's the gift of our GOD the father that we must thank for. ” Lovely saying sir! Love is really unstoppable. ❤️❤️❤️Have a blessed sunday!

Indeed and Likewise Enjoy Life! @joninacalara