Pondering The Zero-Risk Society (Entering The Age Of Frequency)

in #philosophylast year (edited)

Have you noticed that the more knowledge progresses the more we're sold the idea that knowing better can eliminate all threats, though if we look closer we quickly find out that the opposite is happening? All the knowledge taken for granted since WW2 has turned out to be a gigantic surveillance project run by digital masters to which we must now prove that we're humans!

The flip side is that it did happen without the average population realizing much of what was going on as it was all done in the name of "making our lives safer". To us, and considering the trend, this sounds like a big flashing light. What is occurring in Shanghai is an absolute dystopian nightmare predicting that the ruling ideology will attempt to lock down the whole planet intermittently.

Despite the measures being exposed as inefficient and extremely costly Fauci warned us of more lockdowns coming 3 weeks or so ago to fight another omicron called BA.2 subvariant.

It is time to come up with a new planetary system and make this one obsolete! We could write pages about what is not working and complain ad nauseam about the outrages committed by the elites but this will also strengthen our adversaries if we are not a majority doing this.

We've to get over it and work on our transformation from within instead. That's the only way we are going to create such a new world...

But we have pondered a lot lately and realized something actually quite blatant. Another truth hidden in plain sight and about the concept of transparency. More knowledge shouldn't lead to the imprisonment of the mind, quite the contrary.

But where does this imprisonment of the mind exactly come from and is a Zero-Risk Society (ZRS) ever possible?

Although the ruling elites often resort to strategies promising a ZRS the latter is an illusion created by materialistic worldviews. Despite the "uncertainty factor" we can reduce risks by much but that requires a fully transparent society because only the truth can help us navigate our various societal challenges successfully.

Secrecy is a weapon as soon as we tolerate any single bit of it, but soon or late truth always surfaces. It is thus imperative to rethink the word "privacy" because if we want to keep a certain level of privacy to ourselves, so do the powers that be of course.

We cannot ask for transparent leadership if we are not ready to make the leap ourselves.

As a matter of fact, transparent leadership might be ideal for the transition into full-fledged self-governance mode. As the number of lies decreases, people would gradually regain self-confidence and understand the issue. Free speech is a requisite to a transparent society but as it stands today we're rather engulfed by the adverse effects of secrecy. Realistically speaking, lawmakers and corporate moguls shouldn't be allowed to plot behind closed doors. The same with us, every time we withhold a fact, we create harm somewhere down the road.

We lament that our world is becoming increasingly corrupt, look no further. We are the problem and the solution at once. Let that sink in for a few moments!

danger 2.jpg

The concept of transparency in an advanced civilization doesn't rely on spying on everybody 24/7 but on teaching every kid to always speak up his or her mind and that honesty is their best asset ever (and which money cannot buy) to ensure a peaceful future. Unfortunately in our society, integrity is rarely rewarded and is even regarded as dangerous, or used to pigeonhole and profile people. That's because secrecy has the upper hand and threatens those who don't conform and willing to stand up for themselves.

People are afraid to talk about themselves because they don't want to be judged and will rather choose self-censorship than expose what they perceive as weaknesses. In these conditions, how can we hope for a better society?

Society is not truthful and we partake in the mascarade at every level. The ruling ideology is trying to paint us into a corner and has been quite successful so far. So it is time to choose between speaking up until all the dirt has surfaced and kept it that way or being suffocated by our own self-censorship because the fear of standing for ourselves keeps winning.

It all boils down to being ready to make integrity our absolute top priority no matter what... How ready are you?