The reality: a past manifested by the Déjà vu?

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Perhaps we are few who have asked this question at some time, since it frames a quite prodigious meaning when it comes to obtaining the answer; There are different definitions or theories about the Déjà vu, some say that it is the future reincarnation sample in a person, others that are simply experiences of another dimension emanating from our memory; for me these represent the connection of our present with the future, opening us the possibility of discovering experiences that develop a greater wisdom and transport us to spaces where we have never been, without more than saying, I start to develop this idea.

If I say that for me the Déjà vu represent the connection of the present with the future, it is not because I assure that it is so, but for reasons that have flooded my mind, where the possibility of being time travelers is latent in my being and that is why I am struck by every moment that I suffer a Déjà vu; It is there that I begin to find an explanation for what happened, how is it that what I am experiencing today has already happened to me? Think as long as you want, you will never find something that clarifies in its entirety the question of Déjà vu. I have resigned myself to the idea that they are only thoughts that have come to me in the moment and that does not happen there. Now…

Can you imagine that the Déjà vu really is a connection with our future?


For always we have tried to be able to know what will happen to us in the future? And there are many times that we try to create time machines; allowing us to speculate with the idea of ​​overcoming or challenging human order. But would the Déjà vu be the method that helps us understand our future a bit? Imagine waking up and knowing exactly what happened to me that day, I do not mean thinking about it, but I am convinced that everything will happen to me in a way that specific, evicting those "revelations" that many claim to have, for a way to achieve everything by my own means.

Surely we will be living in something that would not be the reality of a whole, since we will simply live in a present with future times, where improvisation would disappear from our lives, opening the way to the precision of actions and thoughts. That's why I am moved by the fact that there is an augmented reality, although many people do not want to accept, the Déjà vu are this, a simple reality augmented by the subconscious.

Would we stop considering ourselves human beings for always living in an augmented reality?


Actually for me it would be a desire reached; that serves to have simplicity, when we can have high abilities in our mind and make possible many of the things that only remained in illusions. On the other hand we would go to a world governed by intelligence, separating from each one the ignorance, since we would obtain the result or the solution to a problem, from the first moment that we want to know the itinerary of the future, we will enter into a life effectiveness never previously thought.

This is a more than complicated issue; trying to understand thoroughly what would cause the augmented reality in our society, makes a sea of ​​questions in our brain, throwing a greater uncertainty, that directly influences our knowledge and indirectly in our daily actions. Incredibly, humanity must never stop thinking about an advance of reality, because it would lose the possibility of growth granted by similar extensions.

With everything written before, I want to be able to create in each one of those who read this publication, a sense of overcoming, being relegated the conformity or the sedentary state; we must believe and increase our possibilities as human beings, reaching greater challenges in each moment of our life and inviting our neighbor to a constant evolution.

Author: @felixcorderito

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