Use your f-ing brain.

in #philosophy4 months ago

So I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I want to write about today, and all the ideas kicking around in my brain all basically boil down to the same, simple statement.

Use your fucking brain.

I've got a bunch of things I'm thinking about, from relationships, to opportunity, and they can all be summed up so easily. It seems to me that though we live in such a supposedly advanced world, fewer and fewer of us are actively using their brain. Lately, I'm bothered a lot by people's unwillingness to change their predicaments.

I was brought up to believe that your actions meant something, and that if you didn't like something, you changed it. And if you really couldn't, well then, at least you tried. And that's really all you can do, in some cases. But most people don't. They see problems, yet somehow the solutions always remain conveniently out of reach. Mysterious, that.


Relationships, for instance. One of the big issues people (especially women) seem to have in their romantic lives is they're unhappy with their partner. Well yes, that will happen. But they're also unwilling to do anything about it. Talking about things is an important part of any healthy relationships, but why talk when you can cling on to that juicy bit of conflict, you know? People seem to love conflict in our twisted world. God forbid you're boring, that you've got nothing juicy to complain about next time you meet the girls. Somehow, all this technology we've been given access to has created the mistaken impression that if you don't have a problem, you don't matter.

I've seen this a lot in my peers, this obsessive attempt to stage conflict, or to blow up insignificant events, so that you can, for a split moment, be the center of attention. Because what are you gonna say, if you're happy? What's there to talk about?

Yet, it seems to me a lot of these so-called conflicts could be easily solved if they just used their fucking brains. You're not happy about something in your life or your relationship? Then do something about it. Stand up for yourself.

Same with opportunity. There are so many extraordinary things you could achieve, if you put your mind to it. And you don't, and that's the real tragedy. Instead of asking why doesn't this work", maybe stop to consider why you're keeping it from working.

So many people are stuck in these pathetic, unsatisfying jobs, and places in their lives, when the answer seems pretty fucking simple, to begin with. You don't like what's happening? Change it. It's a solution easily reached once you begin using your brain. Even better, when you do that, you also come up with all sorts of way to change the situation.

So why is it so damn hard?

I'm sorry for not making much sense today. In spite of what my tone might indicate, I actually had quite a nice day. It just seems to me a lot more people would, if only they used their heads more. If there's one thing these past couple of years have taught me, it's you gotta start figuring out what works for you, and working on your own solutions. I was listening to a livestream earlier, and they were pointing out the exact same thing - the segment of this program where you wait for others to come fix your problems for you is not over. You've gotta start fighting for yourself, for being treated the way you want to and deserve to be treated. For happiness, and freedom. Because no one else will. They can't even fight for themselves.

Life is short. Maybe not as short as it seems right now, at my age, but pretty fucking short. So what are you waiting for? The Fairy Godmother to come and fix all your problems? Alas, not. So what's your next bright idea?