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How can we maximize our power to create change in the world? By first embracing the beauty, perfection, and glory of all that already is as it is...

Far too many of us have created insurmountable problems and suffering through our attempts to "change the world" - having focused upon select facts of what is through the lens of judgement, rather than broadening our vision to perceive the whole clearly and simply as it is. We've become somewhat narcissistic to think we must be the "saviors" of a "broken" world - disconnected from trust and faith in the inherent order of a universe governed by a force far more powerful than our rational minds with their obsessive, dysfunctional need to separate the world and its millions of things into good & bad, right & wrong; and hence disconnected from that powerful force we've come from, have the opportunity in each moment to be an expression of, and shall return to.

We have been coming to agreement that there is work to be done to create greater order, justice, wealth, and sustainability in our global community. Yet, we've been coming more from a space of working against what is rather than working with what is - stubbornly struggling against the universe's flow, declaring war on our conditions, rather than harmonizing with nature's intrinsic processes of evolution & growth, taking advantage of the momentum of transformation already underway.

Gratitude has been praised much in the new-age and personal development movements, for good reason - appreciating all we've got to work with frees us of the emotional weight packed on by insisting on righting the wrong in the world and our lives. For long enough, we've resisted others' decisions and external circumstances - burdening our spirits with toxic frustration, anger, pride, guilt, and fear. The empowerment we're after requires a complete acceptance of all as it is, before we can be in any real position to inspire, lead, and create deep transformation - whether in ourselves, others, or the world. As we have developed that peace - clearing the obstacles of chronic "negative" emotions - we've now entered a place from where we can see our blessings, everything working in our favor, all lining up to provide what's needed for the change we're passionate about creating to materialize.

Only as we tune our awareness to see how magical this world is, can we work magic in our own lives and the lives of others. And in essence, this is what we want - not to struggle and take life on as a vicious battle to be won, but an enchanting adventure whose victory is in continual unfoldment as our creation is done consciously from a state of wonder & awe.

Should we continue , as we have been, to choose viewing the world with a conviction in scarcity, it will come as no surprise when our power evades us and the power struggles at root of so much trouble in our lives and the world will persist. Or, we can see our wealth now, and that is what we will get. Changing our definition of wealth from strictly materially-based to ones reflecting the quality of our mental-emotional-spiritual-relational experience, we are cultivating a deep appreciation from the abundance that exists in our lives and world. From here, we can make effective use of everything at our disposal to get where we need to go - aligned with the power supplying all our wealth, ready to hear the wisdom guiding us to the responsible management of our energy on our paths...


~ written June 2011


Hello Rok,

Your philosophical somewhat mystical writings are interesting. Truly the power is all within us and we influence the reality around us. Writing is an art, flows from the richness of the mind and of the soul and bears a mark upon it of the vast riches of the carrier of it´s inspiration. For the art and the science must mesh. The soul must embrace it fully. The words must speak and echo the thoughts of the inner spirit. The reflection of the divine, the quest for perfection. A lonely pursuit for wisdom turns into a bright and vast journey and delight, for each day brings a new gift, a new discovery. The magic lies in the illusion. The illusion becomes reality when the energy of the mind and soul can focus. Focus it does and manifest it does. The result may not always reflect the intent, but it will always reflect the subconscious mind. For as we program our inner self, the manifestation of that reality will be seen in the world around us. So it becomes imperative to absorb oneself with the sublime, with the divine, with the beautiful. For in this dwelling upon the most eccentric of all beauty, the mind and soul reap a rich harvest of abundant joy. I wish for you this day also the blessed success that words may bring, and may our inspiration of today reflect in our actions of tomorrow.

Mother Liberty.

We can only change the world from within, and what good is a world created out of spite of what already is? When we discover that all outer struggle is a reflection of inner struggle, we gain the means of finding harmony. What a world where so many of us realize this will look like, I suppose we are still in the process of imagining but it is quickly upon us

I had similar ish realisations reading the Law of One. Ra defines negatively polarised individuals as service to self, and positively polarised individuals as service to others. Where as I place my self as a service to others, and used to feel as though we were in some kind of war with the service to self kind, Ra explains that both paths lead back to the creator ultimately, even though the service to self path follows separation up to a certain point, there comes a point as one progresses the densities that you cannot progress unless you accept the creator. And was surprised to learn that service to self is actually a much harder path to take, to follow this route one must be 95% service to self, whereas to be service to others one must achieve 51% service to others- And that is no where near as easy as it sounds either. But anyway, my point was, that it sort of dawned on me that they must be so extreme to achieve their selected path and their actions actually serve as catalysts for us who choose the service to others path. We would not progress if there were no others to serve. If everything was this calm utopia we all imagine then how would we grow, how would we evolve to the next density. There are moments of clarity when i ponder this, but also moments of great confliction still at times. I can accept that this is the design, but that does not mean i can now just sit back and relax and just live out my life with no concern for others because well it just doesn't matter?

It massively matters, and the fact that I am anxious about the state of affairs we are living in drives me on my path of service to others, but with a slightly lesser feeling of despair, and with much more clarity.

It can still go either way, and the outcome is still up to us, it is sort of a battle, but it has to be, it is how we progress through this density, it's the point of the level per say. It is much more in depth than this but i don't want to turn a comment into a second blog! Just yea, acceptance of the process & the removal of the hero complex, gives you much more freedom to see clearly what is at your disposal and know that each and every one of us can act, has the power to act, and so we should be, it's our world, and we need to shape it into how we want it to be fo'sho, but we've got to let go of the impending sense of doom and hopelessness. It's almost even been set up that way by the service to self so they have a head start.

@rok-sivante, Yes, We should always think how we can contribute in this world in an good way and how we can bring the needed change because the situation is painful for sure.

And in my opinion there are many who tried to change the world by their own but many messed because they are just seeing an situation with their perception.

Change is an collective aspect and everyone should collaboratively come together to develop an idea and to bring the change in the world or in an particular society.

And for sure Politics are nothing good because we are watching that Politics only creating rulers and not leaders and we need leaders, we all individuals can become leaders by holding the thought of change and acting in that way.

We are born on the Beautiful creation but unfortunately we only messed up with our lives and we've thrown away the true pace of life and now added the boosters for additional pace which is not needed and many are left behind due to fast paced world.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

"the change we seek in this world begins with us"...if only we can look inner unto ourselves and see the powers and potentials that abound then we can effect true impact in our world. self -limitation is a factor that has continue to deprive man of his capabilities,being optimistic and positive about life is the way out. thanks for this insightful post i learnt something...thanks

Blind acceptance of everything infers an allowance of anyone to do anything, both in the world and to us. Why would we simply accept that someone is violent to us, for example? I feel this comes down to the definitions being used in the concept of 'acceptance'. We do need to have acceptance of the existence of what is, in order to not deny reality - however, we do not need to accept everything that exists has a 'right' to be in our reality. 'negative' is the mother of change and as long as we deny our real feelings that some things must be changed for balance to manifest, we will find true joy and success elusive.

I changed my definition of wealth a while ago, and you're right. Those who only think it applies materially still do not understand what it means to be wealthy.

As we have developed that peace - clearing the obstacles of chronic "negative" emotions - we've now entered a place from where we can see our blessings, everything working in our favor

'Seek inner peace and abundance first and all other things will be added unto you'

Life is a journey that must be strengthened in gratitude and love. If these two things are not the basis of life; then, pain, suffering, hardship, fear, worry and lack will become the reality you experience every day. So, strengthen your inner heart with gratitude, and love. Then, strengthen again with unbroken knowledge, insight, inspiration, motivation, prayer and affirmation throughout life.

every day we see strong people declare a change in the world but in fact we are actually destroying the world order. We continue to do world damage without a definite solution to fix it. Every day a seminar to create a world change is always held but the results are still far from expectations, and without realizing what we are doing is actually making this world damaged and chaotic. I hope the next generation will be able to improve the world order which is already very damaged today. and hopefully future generations will be able to create a better and more modern and just world change.

It's not up to future generations, it's up to each and every one of us as individuals to view what our surroundings with a different lens, and utilise the tools we already have at our disposal to make a change internally which will automatically reflect externally, if you want to change the world and perceived wrongs around you, you must first correct your line of vision, instead of only viewing from one lens of doom and feeling dis-empowered and as though the next generations will have to sort it out. They will have the same conditioning as us if we don't each learn how to crack this crux and teach them of the power at their disposal.

I a gree with you.
And I am not giving up on the present situation but I am very pessimistic because leaders and rulers are too busy with their affairs.
We want real change and not words, and in my opinion it would be impossible for us to change or improve the world if the leaders or leaders of this world would not join us.
Remember, friend, if we want to do something big then we must be commanded by those who have a strong desire for the problem we will solve.
Look at the conditions of the world today, chaotic, chaotic, damaged and highly polluted.
How long do we want to just say without we doing real work?

I am not saying I am correct here, merely something I have read which has resonated with me deeply and filled in the gaps. Not sure if you have read my other comment on this post regarding the law of one, it's here somewhere. But coming back to that to answer this, Ra teaches that each of us have a personal goal to either reach 51% service to others, or 95% service to self depending on what path we chose. 2 things can happen, if critical mass achieve 51% service to others then this world will shift into 4th density positive orientation, and the service to self type will have to carry out their cycle elsewhere. If critical mass achieve 95% service to self- which is unlikely as their numbers are actually far too low, then this world progresses into 4th density negative orientation, and those who achieve the 51% mark will be transported elsewhere to carry on their cycle. However it seems we have been stagnant for quite some time with neither side hitting critical mass at turns of major cycles and we're actually behind with our 'progression'. If too many people are in the middle zone which seems to be the case, there's a stale mate, and could be why we are seeing all this crazy ass shit and disclosure as it's meant to catalyse the polarising.

So essentially you do not need to depend on real change in the world for it to become a better place, you need to achieve this target in your self if you want to get out, and I feel that this consensus that 'we can't do anything because we have bad rulers' is what is keeping us in a perpetual stale mate. Each time a major cycle passes and neither side is critical mass, it ultimately gives the service to self side more time to try and corrupt us into their ways so that they do inherit the earth so to speak. Not to sound all doom and gloom, as i have said if you have done the work on a personal level then you can progress anyway, if you believe nothing can be done, then there is no drive for anyone to work on a personal level and we're still in a stale mate.

Again, I am not saying I am correct. This is just a teaching which resonated with me Immensely and is the only thing that's provided me with a tool of making sense of all this carnage :)

Eumm, your argument is very cool. frankly I admire him. I hope this will be my motivation to make changes to myself and the world. thank you for your argument.

:) If it resonates you should Look into the Law of One Books.

Okay. I will do it.

Great stuff 👌. Your writing leads the reader through an invaluable contemplative process. I especially appreciate your take on the use of gratitude and the enduring positivity you were able to convey. ✌️

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Beatiful article!

Totally agree with you @rok-sivante. But the way we human beings have made the world so toxic, is stopping us from seeing how special the world really is.