5G next gen mobile phone network

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Just saw on the News, Governments are asking Youtube to take down videos that link Coronavirus with 5G. There have been a lot of recent videos that point out the high rates of Virus deaths/cases with those Countries such as Spain and Italy who have completed or substantially finished rolling out their 5G phone networks. My opinion is that whether this is true or not , we need to put all the information out there for people to make their own judgement and self assess for themselves. To deprive people of this means that we are moving to an ever more increasing situation of greater control of free speech and everything else. The fact that Governments are moving to silence this information will only serve to make people more suspicious.
The fact is that 5G can be used as a weapon . It needs to be regulated and controlled if it is used for purposes like phone networks.


Welcome back... ctrl-alt-nwo Yes 5G possible big tool to control and harm people... We have enough radio and magnetic waves zoomimg through the air.

Thanks for the welcome back, and good to see you again too.

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