Pics from Rehearsals

in #photography10 days ago

The idea was to capture rehearsals with OBS, to optimize the sound for streaming, and of course to check my progress (if you want to know what i am talking about, check out my Myogelosis post). Of course i had a few obstacles along the way like: the Audio device wasn't present in OBS, and naturally the sound is not quite where i want it. So the only thing i can show so far are pics ;)

These ones taken from 4 different songs

Those are from rehearsing my latest release, "Goes down like a stone".


Shame that didn't work out. Something to check for next time. Rock on!


Thankie @steevc! Indeed, OBS kicked out my Audio device as only have it turned on when i use it. As i opened OBS last time to check something, it did loose it, and replaced it with the Webcam Microphone. You can imagine the sound was quite off, more than i expected :D You never stop learning. Have a great day, Mate!

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