Some sunlight in snowy Finland

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This winter hasn't been as cold as it usually gets here in Finland, I blame global warming. Luckily we had some snow so it hasn't felt as dark and depressive as the winters usually get. Today as I was out for a walk the sun started shining which it hasn't done in a long time and I felt like taking some pictures to share with everyone here.

Bear in mind that the photos are taken from a phone camera, a Leica from an Huawei P10 and from an amateur photographer.


The peer is all snowed and iced in but I wouldn't really recommend trying to walk on the ice at times like these with the degrees barely being under 0.




Looks like the ice is already thawing on the sides.


A small park on my way home where we used to spend a lot of summer nights chilling with a friend a long time ago.




As you can see by the order of the photos the sunlight unfortunately didn't last all that long.

Just a normal winter day in the South of Finland.

Hope you liked the photos. :)


Finland is so beautiful , I remember you shared another picture when it snowed it’s gorgeous. Looks like you guys get a lot of snow . In nYC we get a lot of snow too but this year was not as much . Just really cold

The photos were great, nice to see regular posts, seems like you got the courage to go outside after all the gaming :)) I have seen too that this winter was much warmer than the previous ones, but I hope it is not global warming so much...

How is your smoking, have you suceeded to quit?

Yeah the smoking has gone fine so far, I still get urges now and then but the nicotine gum has helped a lot. Still trying to mix in some regular gum in between them to get rid of the nicotine crave too but the smoking habit seems to be over soon. :)

and yeah, haven't spent as much time gaming on the new PC as I'd like to, so much happening on the platform and outside of it lately but I always find some time to go out for a walk.

Thanks for asking!

I've been quit for 7 years now. Quit on April fools day ha! I vape. I use a istick pico from and buy my pre mixed liquids/flavors from the liquid at 3% nic content (you can vape it without nic at 0% eventually) Yeah it's still a habit but studies show to date no worse than coffee. Works for me as the patch, gum and other help aids did not. I was spending around $1500 a year on smoking when I quit(prices have gone up since then) and with this after initial mechanism purchase I spend 3 to 400 per year. Thought I'd chime in, hope I didn't intrude? Hope this may help if you begin to fall from the wagon. Thanks for the pics.

Great job! I just love it when people succeed quitting smoke and different behaviors that drag them down. I also find it a very good idea to combine chewing regular gum with the nicotine gum!

Hope to hear that you are improving your life soon!

@acidyo Shapeky images you churn out there. Thanks for that. The weather here doesnt turn out quite as that over here. But please i hear of nicotine gum for the first time! Please how does it work for smoking and i just want to know about it. I want first and, practical answer, before i zoom to google.

Thanks @acidyo....... Looking forward to your next post

They are very nice photos as well as the landscape, which I'm sure you see it normal but I think it's great and more than ever I've known snow but I would love it.

You do not have sun and in my case it is the opposite since in the Venezuelan plain it is very hot and the sun is out all the time warming up everything.

The worst thing is a winter that's half ass, grey and wet, then I also more appreciate white layers of snow that helps light up the dark. I wonder with the global warming developing the way it's does if we soon can grow wine in Scandinavia and use the swimming pool all year around hehe

This winter hasn't been as cold as it usually gets here in Finland, I blame global warming

I think this is a general problem @acidyo. Here in Nigeria ,we often experience hamarttan season from December to march and it comes with so much cold ,especially early in the mornings but this year has been hell. The heat can make one go mad. And the worst part is that the rain is coming earlier than usual this year which is very awkward . I think this is as a result of global warming and it's not funny at all.

Bro i'd love to visit your country.Heard so much.Actually i have never been to north Europe.
I am from Greece and as you might know we usually have an endless summer here.Tbh i have missed to see and feel snow.Can you see the northern lights from where you live?

Those are some really great and amazing pictures if the winter. The sky looks nostalgic and beautiful. Makes me feel like grab a coffee get under a blanket and watch a movie. Really awesome pics and thanks for sharing them.

Wow finland looking wonderful, There are so many beautiful places in the world that they like to see. Some photography which lends to the mind. Very good post.

It's nice white powder you have, and not that mushy grey mud I used to see in London =). Very peaceful!

Even with the fading sunlight these are awesome pix. The light adds a nice mood to them.

You may get you cold winter back afterall. I recently read this article where sun could get colder by 7%. “Scientists say that we could be in for a very big event with regards to the sun, with a “grand minimum” approaching around the 2050 time frame. That would mean that the sun would be at an unusually low point in its normally steady 11-year cycles, which could result in global cooling temperatures.”
Beautiful pictures though!

Haha, suprisingly, today the sun shined in my country as well! I also feel like global warming is slowly doing its thing...
Winters used to be really really cold in my country, but now, there are barely days where I would feel even a bit cold.
If this continues, soon we won't even have winters!

Looks beautiful especially in that first photo where the sun is out! :) What is that giant rock with the ball on top?


seeing these photos reminded me of my husband and his colleagues dipping their bodies one by one into the waters of a frozen lake!
see :


that's my husband's turn

Nice photos by the way!

Damn, this object picture is pretty interesting. Is it a see-through gemstone globe? Nice pics bruhh.

I should take a closer look next time. ^^

Please do :-)

Hi @acidyo! I loved your photographs, especially because I have never had the chance to see snow in reality. I have always believed that it must be something wonderful!

I live in a Caribbean country and although I don't complain about the beaches or the paradisiac sun that welcomes me every morning, I suppose that wanting to feel the snow in my hands is a dream.

Finland hahaha that seems so far to me. But I hope one day I can get closer and enjoy the same scenarios that you enjoy.

Thank you very much for sharing. I wish you a nice day!

wow amazing winter pictures your pictures make me remind my picture which i take few days ago IMG-20180213-WA0021.jpg

Global warming has changed the temperatures of the world to great extent. Summers here in my part of the world (Central Punjab) are very hot. However, here is a a pic of unusual hailing that happened a few years back :

The clicks that you shared look very beautiful. Photos of the places where we have spend our past take us back to memory lane. I liked the post. Steem On!

I used to think some of these landscape photographs are products of fantasies. The views are beautiful; makes me wanna travel down to spend some time there.

Truly, a picture speaks a thousand words. Nice one there @acidyo

Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me.
Thanks @acidyo
Happy valentine day for you @acidyo
Love full

Thanks for all

amazing pictures i must say it's great photography winter makes even simple things beautiful as in my picture can see IMG-20180212-WA0012.jpg

Beautiful photography!

Beautifull country in finland..
The sky and place is beautifull.. I hope is one day.. I can visit to this place and playing with the snow..

Beautiful pics. surreal!

Great shots..Some of your photos look like they could be paintings! Stunning colours and composition. Love Finnish winter..

The photos were great, nice to see. all look beautiful. Very nice posts. I like your post.Thanks for sharing.

Really beautiful photography and beautiful place with blue sky, I love snow but we don’t have snow in our country but love to see in steemit.steemit is great place to see amazing things .

Wow they are amazing click..Loved the amazing picture and rivers and snow too i don't get to see snow myself as live place where snow doesn't fall..You are very lucky and as well they are so amazing i want to see them and i surely visit Finland someday ..Loved the tree house and clouds too..Thanks for sharing with us..@acidyo

Beautiful and amazing to see that sunlight in Finland which is very hard to see...I am sure people enjoyed it coz people rarely gets chance to feel it...Wonderful nature and its gifts to findland people...Thanks for sharing acydo

Great post sir.... I follow you sir... I saw your all post... Your are really awesome.. ✌️✌️✌️✌️

I'll tell ya, I don't mind a little bit of snow once in a while, but like today, I had to call off of work because my car got stuck in my own driveway. I think I'm ready for some beautiful spring time festivities!

this picture is so cool to view. amazing picture. this picture makes my mind delight

Childhood memories are very strong:

Excellent photography @acidyo!

That’s really beautiful photography love the snow and really good combination of sky blue sky and snow.

The pictures are very beautiful and wonderful scenes of nature of beautiful Findland...Lovely pictures @acidyo

@acidyo really good post with wonderful pictures it seems here


Wow ! extraordinary photography
Beautiful pictures thank you..Greets
as a photographer i can say this is very good work!

In my country colombia we don't have winter but based i your pics looks like a moment to share with family and stay at home because out there could be a chaos. Regards

beautiful scenery with shiny sunlight. i upvote and resteem yes

Wow!Excellent photography.You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful natural view is! Very color full also.

You guy will be happy for having sunshine today. Meanwhile the sun has been shining like hell over here in Nigeria

There are so many beautiful photos in Finland that we can see. There are many places in our world which are really beautiful as fantasy @acidyo

beautiful pictures @acidyo
keep it up :)


wow ... !! very beautiful scenery, I really like it, comrade please support me, hope you become a good friend, regards know from @ riska-amanda

Very beautiful pictures .A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky—unbidden—and seems like a thing of wonder.

wow nice photography...thanks for sharing...

Amazing picture ..... specially snow fall and white cloudy sky

Snow... I almost forgot what it looked like. It hasn't snowed properly around here all year. I want to build a snowman, dammit!

It looks very nice views of nature. For us we never had snow in our country. We are getting more warmer seasons due to climate change.

wow.....that's a beautiful photo of nature and wonderful place

wow amazing shots friend and no doubt the beauty of nature is at it's best in that place and friend in some shots it looks like clouds are touching the edge of the earth and that is amazing view, thanks for sharing such lovely shots with us, i really enjoy watching them, Stay blessed

Very good photography.
In your pic you are showing the beaty of nature

Beautiful photograph

Yes here in Nepal too we did not have cold winter.

Did you take that photo? :)

no sir,, just download and share you

Beautiful photography @acidyo
South of finland looks like a very quiet place...
The kind of place my spirit wants!

I love snow and I miss it so much here in the UK. Went back home just recently for some snowboarding and the winter there wasn't any different.. very warm and not snowy at all. Damn you global warming! :/

I really like the snow, the beautiful landscape ...
With the perfect shot

There is a lot of ice. cold in our country but do not fall in the snow.I like ice in winter. but unfortunately I can not enjoy it because of not having ice in our country. . Excellent photography. . Thank you @acidyo

Didn't realise that you are in Finland. Only flew through the country once, the snowy winter looks magical there.

You made this nice piece of art even more interesting with the photo and this shot. Well done!

My favorite band of all time is from finland - H.I.M. I know I'm going to get there someday!

Yeap. The images are top notch. Wow. You must have really enjoyed the outing.

It really did not get to snow much this season. Would have reply loved to create something.

Thanks for sharing @acidyo


Such a beautiful sight. We don't experience snow in my country.

I've always wanted to experience the snow. It makes everything look beautiful.
Nice shot... You did great! Your phone camera is powerful. I feel like i can see everything :)

If I do not read the writing .. I immediately think this is taken by using a DSLR camera. You are using a camera phone, Leica Huawei P10. extraordinary results.

nice view,,,
wonderful post......../////////......../////////

Lovely pictures, thanks for taking us around Finland. The weather there is just opposite of what we have in Nigeria. It is really hot here. The picture is a screenshot of my Mi Redmi's Google weather App.

It looks like a nice place to go for a run, especially in the soft snow, which is more fun than the muddy trails I run on :)

A small park on the way home, where you spent a lot of time on a summer night with a friend. Surely then it was a great moment. I work from friends far and wide So friends always miss But your photos are very beautiful. Thanks to the beautiful photo share.

Do you mind me asking where in Finland is this?

In the south of it. :p

Upvote and resteemed

I love winter!

It's so much better than summer, summer is just sweaty and stinky.

Winter is beautiful!


Photographs give best description of nature!
Enjoy the season of the moment as we anticipate more photographic posts of the winter season.
Nice post @acidyo👍

@acidyo Once winter is over - spring is coming very soon...

Such stark beauty, @acidyo. My only frame of reference is the desert & this seems like its flip side, somehow, a quiet, contemplative space...

Good to read in the comments section that your smoking habit is under control. Urges, as with any addiction, will continue to come (but hopefully, fainter, over time).

Wishing you more sunlight 🙏🏼

Pretty good photography for an armature :D Hope i get to visit Finland someday, it sure is beautiful.

An interesting story ..
I love snow because our place in Indonesia do not have snow..success continues in the snow season friend.
Hopefully the temperature there remains normal.

There is no better season of the year than a snowy winter. You Fins are lucky in that respect. Awesome photos @acidyo
I have the post that is also related to a snowy, in my case, it is an icy winter. Check it out if you want

Great news! That's a novelty, snows and the ice must experience some vaporization, even if it's momentarily. Hurray Finland and her people, have a great day.

Now when there is snow and ice we should go ice skating or skiing! Are you with me? ;)

When does the snow start to melt there?

O damn. Just awesome photos. I wish I could play in the snow with my dear ones. But unfortunately in my country it's a bad luck. we dont have snow fall........... O noooooooo.. so sad..damn ..

Yeap. The images are top notch. Wow. You must have really enjoyed the outing.

It really did not get to snow much this season. Would have reply loved to create something.

Thanks for sharing @acidyo


That second picture is really good dude. I am not sure what that is but it looks cool and I like the shadow coming off it and composition of clouds. Is it just me or do you think you are getting better with pics ?

Again people taunt me with pictures of snow.

Grrrr, I'm starting to really consider just dropping a few bucks on a trip to visit somewhere with snow one of these days.

I simply need to touch it, the ice on my freezer isnt enough.

These shot are amazing @acidyo. I can't imagine staying in this environment..

The photos are great. Perfectly captured. How i wish i could play in this snow. And capture the smiles of people while playing with loved ones and family or friends in the snow. Very lovely 👍

A beautiful summer. In your country always decorated spring. And I like dreaming if it can pay a visit to your country. At any time you may visit to Indonesia I will welcome you in every season. Iya like you @acidyo

@acidyo ... Finland is a winter wonderland :D my favorite is the second picture with the glass globe on top of the rocks. I wonder what is the story behind that?

The photos are beautiful, good publication I would love to go, greetings =)

Some pictures look like Nekala in Tampere. :)

I like your photos, even though photos are taken through the camera phone, but your photo is like a professional photographer.
I have never felt the winter, because I live in Indonesia, but I want to feel the winter, even I have not seen snow directly, because Indonesia only have two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. thanks for sharing

Really yesterday it was snowing here....wuhoooo.....snow is the best thing you can see in the morning when you wake up.....IMG_20180212_083542.jpg

Not bad shots for a phone camera! I love seeing the ice thaw in bodies of water after a long cold winter. Its just a sign that spring is finally around the corner!

The winter has been unbelievably and record setting cold here, I blame global warming. :)

After seeing snow my eyes felt fresh