Treetops and sunsets

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This particular clump of trees nearby, by the lakeside...
providing silhouette outlines to the May sunsets

I don't know why... but they intrigue me

You know how the position of the setting sun moves, right...
well, not really the sun 'moving' per se, but the earth rotates, and revolves...
hence, the sun sets at different angles to the landscape, at different times of the year!

Right now, sunsets occur right behind this clump of trees

So, I've been recording various scenes with this exact same view, moody, bright, cloudy, almost stormy!

Not saying any more... Just enjoy these shots!


Btw these were caught almost the same time on various days,
with a couple shot on same days, difference of a couple of minutes...
but all within an 8-minute time frame!

7:16pm ~ 12 May 2020


7:18pm ~ 5 May 2020


7:22pm ~ 4 May 2020


7:20pm ~ 3 May 2020


7:20pm ~ 5 May 2020


7:14pm ~ 12 May 2020

Captured with SONY A5100 | ©image & text original content | click image for fullscreen view

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Thank you! :)

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Very nice variations on the same theme! These leave room for lots of imagination! Some look quite spooky!

Thank you! :)
Haha, yup... some of the brightest turn spooky in just minutes!

That was quite a good trick and a soft warning. So,I would not take good things for granted!


The last one shot is just magical;)

Glad you liked it! Thank you!! :)

Sounds like you love a bit of astrology but all i am going to say is you have captured some magical sunset photos really magical 👍

I love that you took the time to take the same shot on different days, Oh, Mother Nature changes more than I do for a hot date!

Loving the warmth and the wonder,but the last shot really brings out the drama!

Nicely done!

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Lovely! I love the 3rd picture, looks like dramatic and emotional with black, orange and yellow skies. amazing!

Very amazing. You really are waiting for something different. Very professional image capture.

Amazing color changes with the passage of time. Beautiful!

I liked the color tones. and the clouds created a wonderful window. my first photo is my favorite. and the digging photos on his profile are great. congratulations.

Talk about Fire skies, here they are. Cool cool

Great stuff AC, sorry I didn't see it in time to get a vote in, but I can still reblog it.

The photos are really beautiful ... My favorite is 7:22 pm ~ 4 May 2020. As a newcomer in Hive, I hope I can share such beautiful photos too.

I wish you a good day...