Trying to recreate that vintage look. Be my judge.

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Still too much free time on my hands

So i have decided to try and get that analog vintage look on a photo that i could recreate later on with other shots and maybe possibly even make a lut or an action for photoshop.

Here are three attempts to do so, please let me know in any of those feel analog and vintage and if so which one in your opinion.

Version 1

Tenerife day 9 Teide and Loro_124 copy.jpg

Version 2

Tenerife day 9 Teide and Loro_124.jpg

Version 3

Tenerife day 9 Teide and Loro_124 copy 2.jpg

And here is the original file with native colors.

Tenerife day 9 Teide and Loro_124 or.jpg

Sony A7RII f/2 1/1250 iso 200



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Version 1 to me - it's got that sunset 'light', without it being sunset time, if you know what I mean... :)

I do and i take your word as a sunset expert :) Thank you for your opinion!

Hahaha... Thank youuuu! :)
I ought do put together some compilation of sunsets of the year (that went totally wrong... except for its sunsets!) We'll see... if I'm not too lazy! :D

Do not be, i'd love to see it :)

The first one's perfect sir. I felt some brown tones typical of vintage photos

Thanks mate, trying to read up what make a vintage photo look vintage :)