Lunch break

in #photography7 months ago

It’s been quite some time I’ve been present here on Hive. I guess the wounds from the hardfork and all the drama still have not healed all the way. Sometimes I guess it’s necessary with a break tough to gather the thoughts and reflect.


Fall has arrived now and since we had a recent heat wave I so welcome it. Overall the summer has been piss, but if you just try the focus on the days that we’re good it doesn’t really matter when it passed.


Welcome back. It looks very summery out there. I'd say there is 2-4 weeks of summer left depending on the weather.

Haha yea i muggar have to rethink the definition of summer back here in Scandinavia I guess. Has the summer been rainy and quite cold in Finland as well ?

The latter half of May was normal, June was the warmest in 56 years and July was slightly cooler than normal and quite rainy while August has seen a couple of warm spells. Before the rains last Saturday, the whole week was hot for the time of year, I would say.

Missed you and I came back and so can you 🙏❤️

Wow nice to hear from you ! Seeing you back here as well gives me hope that things are back on track ! How are things with you ?

We had just settled into our new home near my daughter and grandkids when shit hit the fan, covid shit, what a mess. I got kinda depressed and a steemit friend on instagram found me and told me Hive is up and running. I checked hive out, I’m excited! So good to correspond with you and I hope you are doing well during these freaky weird times.

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