Macro Photography: Bud and Flowers

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Every thing in the world needs a process to live and grow.


Like flowers before bloom, beautiful and fragrant, just a bud that has no attraction. Even vulnerable to fall to earth before developing.


But once the bud was able to pass through all the natural processes to mold itself into a beautiful flower, all would come closer to possessing it.


The process of buds and flowers is not much different from our process in steemit. If we are able to survive and want to continue to develop ourselves, then certainly a beautiful day we will reap.

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Great post. Gambarnya terlihat sangat tajam pak @djunmul

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Hmm...saya menyukai ketajaman gambar ini, begitu juga dari sisi pengambilan.. Good job

I like your words in the last paragraph, the exact analogy and I agree with that @djunmul

One word, incredible @djunmul

No: 3
Good job sir @djunmul 😍