H20 Gorilla Glue flush time

in #photography3 years ago

My Gorilla Glue got its last feed of nutrients 3 days ago, since then it has been on an H20 diet only - we all need to keep our fluids up right?
The bud development is looking great and all things going well i should be smoking this over Xmas/New Year
Looking at this plant it should yield 2 to 3 ounces which with a grow time from seed to the harvest of 70 days, i will take :)
Pictures don't really show i but it is getting frosty, no Nutrient burn either which is good because i was giving them Nutrients every day :)
Its Sunday here today and we have had some thunder & rain overnight, looks like an overcast dull day so my green sharks can go under some lighting for the day!

Hope you are all smoking something good and i hope your grow is progressing

Have a super Sunday - I think tomorrow will be a day to buy me some more Canna Tokens :)

All pictures were taken using my iPhone7
I am @dr-autoflower
This is White Widow Femz my mate grew this year - very nice smoke