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RE: Hairflip + ramblings

in #photography4 months ago

I like me a good hairflip...I mean people with long hair doing it, not me...My hairflips would be rather rather unimpressive really, and I'd probably throw my neck out and have to spend $300 at the chiropractor to get it right again.


As long as the hairflip doesn't look the same as Trumps hair piece running away.

Mine is a bit like this but with less hair and gayness...In fact, it's actually nothing like this at all really.

Hey, did you change you profile picture, AGAIN!?

I get bored looking at the same profile picture so change it...It must be terrifying for everyone else to have to have to do so also. 🥴

”Who is this guy commenting to me, speaking as if he knows me!?”

A total nobody.