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The 23rd Psalm speaks to how God leads us "beside still waters." I took this picture from the deck of a house where my family had gathered to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary for my parents. This celebration is a bittersweet affair in that my father is suffering from Lymphoma for a third time in his life. Many prayers went up, all carrying the hope that he would feel healthy enough to be able to participate.

Thankfully he was...

The day was beautiful...

And yet it was bitter sweet because given the state of his health, I suspect there will not be many more of these to come.

Life is kind of like that... there is beauty tinged with sadness. There is hope side by side with hurt. God leads us to Still Waters and there we can be renewed.

May the God who holds you in the midst of a bittersweet reality, bring you stillness and peace.




leaves me with such longing for Home.

Have you ever read A Shepherd's Look at the 23rd Psalm? It's one of my favorite books. There is so much insight that we miss because we aren't shepherds... (like David). But the man who wrote this book WAS a shepherd ... so he offers his insight as to why things that are specified in the psalm are really important- like still waters, laying down in a pasture, and what the rod and staff represents. It's so good.

I'll just give you a little taste of it... a friend of mine has land that is so rich in minerals - the fruit and vegetables (and grass) that grow on his land are so bountiful!! Local sheep farmers bring their sheep to his land so that they can help him "mow the lawn" and their sheep can get really good grass! win/win

The shepherds came over one day and they couldn't believe it. All the sheep were laying down. They said - they NEVER lay down. They're never satisfied! But your grass is so nutrient - dense... they're actually content and can lay down!!!

if anyone thinks this story sounds familiar from a certain documentary - you're right... we know the gardener personally and he told it to us when we went for a visit ;)

Hope your day was filled with peace @genxrev. Praying for your family and hoping they have real comfort during this time.

Thank you dreemsteem. I've not read the book, but with your endorsement I'll need to look into it. The day has left a lingering spirit of "good" even though a lot of the days ahead are pretty uncertain... but that too is simply how life is. I thank you deeply for your prayers. :)

It would be an honor if I could send it to you as a gift! I could send it to your church if you like...(so we wouldn't need to exchange real addresses.. lol)

Oh wow... thank you so much... too kind. I'll link up with you on Discord.

Highly recommend the read. It's a wonderful book. He's written others as well - Phillip Keller.

I'm also on discord... Same name :)
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Wow @genxrev. Thanks for sharing your heart Bro.

My dad is also going through Lymphoma as I write. We believe He is Sovereign over all things.

Shalom to you and family. Mel

Indeed He is... my prayers are with you and your family as well. Lymphoma well and truly sucks. Peace to you as well!

Thank you @genxrev 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I don't have words.....God knows what I am feeling and what you need in this moment. Be it done unto you according to His word and will.

May the God who holds you in the midst of a bittersweet reality, bring you stillness and peace.


Thank you. And my Amen rings up with yours. They are music in our Father's ears.
Amen Amen Amen