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John 1_5.png
John 1:5
"And the light in the darkness shines, and the darkness did not subdue it."


Photo Credit: Pixabay - Creative Commons Use 0 - Commercial Use / Non Attribution Use Permitted
Text translation: @genxrev

Great. Jesus is the Light.

And living bread of life... and living water... the Word made flesh... source and author of life... Thank you for visiting in, I hope to see you again sometime.
Peace to you

Lighthouses are very special for me! Love the art and love the verse. This particular one has been coming up a lot recently with me

very cool on all counts... This is one of my favorite verses. The lighthouse seemed to be just the right complement to where I think this verse attracts our attention. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

(Maybe now for some coffee :^0)
tee-hee :)

Hahahhahaha I'm trying to find the right comic for today. Because day 2' s comic might dangerously put me in a category of "ok so this is what the detox is all about!?!!"
And same with comic. 3 and 4.
SOOOOO as you can see.... Yes. "Coffee" has a LOT to do with this detox! Hahahhaa

Regarding the post (before I got sidetracked with laughter)

I have a picture of a lighthouse with a verse... Have had it for YEARS. I just always loved it and never thought any more about it.

One day I look at it from a different angle and I realize that ALL THIS TIME there have been massive hands extended and superimposed onto the picture.

Ha!!!! I have no idea how I missed it for years?! But maybe that's why I loved it so much. Cuz He was there... regardless of whether I saw Him.

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Thanks for the complement... and if I might ask, how do you promote (if you do) or are you just on the radars of folks naturally? - And then again cause I'm a curious guy, what program do you use for your photo edits?

That wouldn't have been cryptoctopus by any chance would it? He's (She? I really have no idea) actually has a post up right now asking for folks to tell him about the things they are doing with him expressing a desire to follow / autovote them if he likes what they are doing. I introduced my concept of prayer as a bolster to the community, but I'm like WAAAAAAAY down in the clutter (he's got multiple hundreds of comments)... have no idea if he'll even see it and if it fits with his vision for what will be good for Steemit and it's growth / strength / future. Maybe - who knows, but it seems like something like that would be really helpful to get noticed by others who might find this good.

I'm glad you are enjoying these. I should have the audio version up within an hour or less too.