Live For The Moment, Not For The Lens

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Wisdom shared on the wall of a pub

I'm sure we have all noticed that as a society we are becoming more and more detached from reality... From enjoying the now. With the spread of social media it seems that so many of us are compelled to not just have a good time, but make sure we share it with our friends list so they know just how much fun we are having.

Let me give you all a personal example.

I've been to a number of Australian music festivals. Most of them having international acts. This one year my friends and I had been planning to see a certain act that we absolutely LOVE! It had been the main topic of our group chat for weeks and we couldn't wait to experience this great moment. When the day came and the act was on the 4 of us and a few thousands other friend groups all piled into the arena. We were so close to the front of the stage I could feel the sweat of those around me as we were pushed up like sardines in the warm sun. But no one cared. The moment had came!

Needless to say it was amazing. But throughout the show I couldn't help notice the amount of people looking at the act through their phones.


Then, not even an hour after the show social media was already being flooded with videos, selfies and statuses about how great the show was, with people commenting how jealous they were of missing out...

I'm sure we have all had our own experiences with this abuse of social media at some point or another, except maybe this lady...


But what about photographers?

Taking the time to detach yourself from the present moment to think about lighting, colour and composition would surly have to detract from experiencing a moment, just like at a live music event... Right?

I'd argue the opposite.

To photograph a moment, let's say the music festival, I feel you would get a better understanding and appreciation of its nuances. A photographer, amateur or professional, would do the best they could to capture the message behind the obvious moment.

For example; capturing a smile shared between two strangers drawn to the same place by their taste in music.

I have seen this beautiful moment countless times and would love to capture it. Doing so would show the outside world a rare glimpse into the lives of those attending and link an emotional connection.

I'm sure you can see the difference between this and the mindless waiving around of a smart phone.

So to the photographers out there, keep shootin'!

Whether it is a music festival or a walk through a national park, put yourself in those unique circumstances and have the courage to pull out your camera and capture a frame that tells a story only those who were living in the present moment would have been able to see for themselves.

Live for the moment and capture it with the lens!

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There is so much truth in this...something that I often ponder but then so easily forget! My hubby was just talking about this today... Thankyou for posting this!

No worries, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one :)

I have for years now been appalled at this vision of people glued to phones and you see it everywhere. On public transport, concerts, all over. I am a photographer though so love to capture a beautifull moment, but smartphone society takes this to a whole different level where there is a disconnection from your immediate surroundings, of that being at one with the moment and the vision is confined to what is focused on with the phone screen, not everything that’s happening around you as a whole. My comment won’t be popular of course because the masses are the ones in the audience indulging in this. ☺️

I know what you are saying Sally. For the true photographers who look upon my posts they will know what it means to not only enjoy the moment but do their best to capture it as well and share it with those in the outside ☺️

Well said my friend 👏👏👏

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