Dragon Bridge at night... Part 3

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Dragon Bridge at night... Part 3


If you've been following my posts here and various stories you'll know that the last several weeks I have been trying (*And failing) to see the Dragon Bridge in Danang Shoot fire and water.

This week I assumed it would just be the same I would go there and be canceled, so my friend and I opted to be on the far side of the river and just enjoy the night. However, the damn bridge shot fire and water. lol

I swear one of these nights I'll be close up for the fire showed get you all a nice photo!

In the meantime here are a couple of photos from the far side of the river of just walking about.


  • This was a jazz band that started to play. All Vietnamese, but they are playing songs like oh when the Saints go marching in. It was interesting, and sounded good.


  • This is my friend Ha, we stopped in a tunnel take a photo.


  • From the far side of the river, the reflections of the buildings were epic.


  • And the Dragon bridge lit up many different colors.


  • Here it is halfway between Teal and blue. The head is on the left side.


  • It took some time and just try to capture the reflection and colors.


  • Really is a feeling like the Dragon is jumping


  • A lot of people also gathered around, kids were running around eating ice cream, vendors were selling balloons... it was a wholesome experience that was quite nice.


  • Some more of these crazy balloons.


  • That's the fire shooting out the Dragon on the other side of the river. :/ I bet it looks awesome up close and personal. I can't try again this Sunday as I won't be in the city, however, in the following week I will capture this!!!

Thanks for stopping by and taken to read my friends. Hope your days are awesome!


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Amazing bridge, didn't know such a thing existed. My image of Vietnam is the beach and beautiful nature.

Vietnam has sooooo man amazing places to discover. I think you can do easy 6 months here exploring. :D

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