Calm sea in the evening.

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An exercise in photography in the dark.

Evening by the sea, now wind low clouds, pretty nice weather day in the north.

iso 1600. 16mm. f/3,5. 5.0sek

iso 1000. 26mm. f/4,5. 6.0sek

iso 1000. 33mm f/5. 6sek

Hyperfocal distance.

Photographing in darkness is difficult for me special how to get nice focus. I got great advice from @markkujantunen regarding photographing in darkness using hyperfoca distance, thank you so much.

"The hyperfocal distance is the point of focus that allows for maximum depth of field throughout a scene. Once you have focused on the hyperfocal point, everything from half the hyperfocal distance to infinity will be in focus.
More information about how to calculate The hyperlocal length for your camera, follow the link below." (information from the same site)

After some hours studying I feelt prepared for testing. I calculate my optimal focal distance to 3.67 meters.

After one picture with a automatic setting I turned the camera to manual settings. The rest of the pictures with exactly the
same focal distance.
The pictures were not quite perfect but I am a bit on the way to get sharp and clear photos of the Northern light.

I use this wall for setting the focus, The camera distance approximately 3.65 m from the wall. the picture is not prefect sharp which probably affects the rest of the images.



It looks like a lull before the storm;) Beautiful!

yes you are right, thanks @lilltammy for comment.

I'm glad I could be of help!

Thank you 👍
One last question, it is difficult to measure exactly 3.67 meters, what is the best a bit longer or a bit shorter of the magic number?

It is completely unnecessary to measure the distance that accurately. If you are taking photos of the sky and there is nothing of interest in the foreground very close to you, you can pick any object, say, tens of meters away in case the hyperfocal distance is 3.67 m that your camera is capable of focusing on. For practical purposes, if you're shooting distant objects, the hyperfocal distance is actually just the lower bound of the distance at which you must focus for your objects to be in sharp focus.

That's great, good to know before next mission.🙂👍

I love the reflections on the water as well as in the sky off of the clouds!

Thanks @old-gyy-photos for nice comment.

Great photos! You’ve good skills at this! I wish I could take photos like yours with my iPhone!!

Thanks @kaminchan for pleasant comment.

Very very nice. Congratulations! 😊

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Those are lovely! I would say you're getting the hang of it. I didn't understand anything about the hyperfocus, but I'm still just taking pictures with my phone, so I don't know any tricks. I look forward to seeing pictures of the Northern Lights!

Thanks so much for pleasant comment. Normally I'm also a clicker but
photographing in the dark requires some knowledge of how to photograph.
Sorry for late reply.

Nice shots. 👍 beautiful

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Thanks very much @apningrich.

You're doing great, my friend @karja
Photos turned out even a little mysterious.
Good luck and good mood!

Thanks very much @singa for pleasant comment.
Sorry for late reply .

Wow Jan, that are amazing photography, so spectacular view with reflection. Love it!

Thanks @stef1 for pleasant comment, sorry for late reply.

Wauw I really love the lights, You are talented!