My random photography (flowers|Sunset|Sunrise|Nature)

in #photography4 years ago

I take this flower in our backyard in our house. The beautiful flowers that take weeks or months before it bears its flowers. All flowers in our backyard was planted by my lost grandmother a years ago we have a farm of roses the had been sold due to financial issue. Reason there's only few flowers left. I don't have time in planting; I've tried it before but all of the flower that i planted they all died 😥😥








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Hello, great photos!

Sorry to hear you struggle with the flowers... Same happens to my wife. 😅

But the sunset photo looks amazing.

Hava a great day and greetings from Mexico.

Sunset view is just amazing. I love them ♥️

Those are beautiful flowers kabayan :) pafollow naman bago lang sko hehe

So beautiful flowers photography and sunset view.

Beautiful photos. Photography is in your blood