Australian parrot

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Hi hive viewers...!
Hope you all are well and have a great Sunday evening or spending quality time with family/friends. My blog today is on Australian parrots . Which I bought from the market some time ago . I have been wanting to buy them for a long time but due to my busy schedules I was not able to go to the market .
All of them are very beautiful and their color is very unique , one of them is blue color parrot, I like it very much. When I am worried or stressed, I go to them to spend my time. I feel refreshed with them. Hearing their voice and seeing their mischief, one feels refreshed for some time.
I love these blue parrots. Their color is very unique. They look very cute and beautiful when they open their both wings and turn upwards. I enjoy spending time with them When these parrots are humming in silence, it is a very beautiful scene.


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