Carrer De Premia & Placa d'Osca. Diary 16/07/20

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Carrer De Premia is one of the side streets between Passeig De Sant Antoni and Carrer De Sants. It is in very close proximity to Parc de l'Espanya Industrial in front of Barcelona-Sants train station (main train station of Barcelona). Isn't it nice to have large palms growing right on your street in front of your house? :-)

And this is Placa d'Osca that is adjacent to the street in the middle of this little "barrio". It is typically looking little square that you can find many in Barcelona. It tends to attract locals, as well as tourists to chill out with some beverage and tapas.

Shibari'ed to the tree.

Guiltyparties is resilient.

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I like the ambiance in Plaça d'Osca. It is a little bit like plaças in Gracia area of town.

Yes. It is true. There few such squares just in Gracia. Like between 100-300m from each other. Gracia is just way much nicer than this area in Sants.

My friend, thanks for the Juicy.. how is work going? My regards to my Boss friend @guiltyparties.

All good. Thanks