Gran Via De Carles III. Diary 30/07/20

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Gran Via De Carles III near Camp Nou football statium in Les Corts neighbourhood.

Museum of Chocolate. I have visited it once in the past. They exhibit a very interesting story of how chocolate was invented and how it arrived in Europe. The museum has a chocolate shop. I have probably tried most of their chocolates. They have dozens of them to choose from. There is also chocolate making school where you can do a course on how to make it. It is located here.

This is going to be one of the last posts with guiltyparties tags in the photos so I am going to post a log of them altogether from now on.

  • The tags were removed after the photos were taken.



This post series was really cool. I was enjoying to read them. It's been a long time. Sometimes I look back at your old posts :)

See the tall building at the right of your first photo of Gran Via Carles III street?
That's where I used to live until I was 22. 🙂
Still have a parking lot in the area and sometimes I leave the car there and take the folding bike to move around town.

Ha, I caught a part of your bio again :-)