New Calton Burial Ground. Panoramic. Diary 29/07/20

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What can I say. I am cemetary man. Dellamorte Dellamore!
It's actually one of my favorite movies.

For me, British cemetaries are one of the most charming to the eye. This one, New Calton Burial Ground, is located in Edinburgh's Old Town, right on the side of the hill. It overlooks the volcanic mountains to the south, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. There are few interesting monuments inside like graves of Scottish poets Robert Burns and William Knox.

Once turned goth in the heart. Forever goth.

And this is a different cemetery in Edinburgh. Warriston Cemetery. Just as charming as the other.

Warriston Cemetery.



What can I say. I am cemetary man. Dellamorte Dellamore!

jesteś chory i zepsuty 🖤
:) trochę jak ja
(tekst sprzed 2 lat!)

No jestem, haha :-)
Fajny post. Dokladnie z tego samego powodu chodze na cmentarze.
Lubisz pewnie podrozowac w czasie w swoich myslach patrzac na groby i widzac daty i imiona umarlych.

Ja najbardzej lubie historyczne cmentarze w Wielkiej Brytanii. Ladne sa tez te we Francji i niektore w Hiszpanii. Nie ma maja nawalonej tandety, plastiku, okropnych designow i nie sa groby naladowane jeden na drugim. Tak jak w Polsce :-S

Fajna piosenka. Lubie dark country/americana. Dodalem do swojej playlisty.

The Coffinshakers "Last Night Down by the Grave" :-)

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