Rainforest & The Desert. Diary 21/07/20

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I wonder if I quckily sprinted over these, I would manage to get to other side without falling into water :-)

I wouldn't mind having this area as part of back garden.

I like how the vines have overgrown the walls.

I loved to swing on lianas when I was a kid. There were no lianas exactly but vertically hanging branches of weeping willows. Once a branch broke and I hit my head on the ground. That's probably why I am so fucked up now :-)

The treetop view.

The desert area with hundreds of different cacti being grown around the place.

It looks like temperate climate growth. Maybe mountainous.



Beautiful! Thank you 🙏

These photos are amazing, i love them.


There they are! Nice ones. Pity you didn't catch them in bloom.
That Spanish Moss is pretty impressive too.

Good luck with that :p


Lol This one in gif appears of different species though and looks like it is broken and fragile (has a lot of holes in it already). That one in my photo looks ver solid :-)
But yeah I am not that fast and would probably end up for nomination for Darwin awards

I love jungles. I shared this.