Of Buds and Thorns (Some Garden Photos)

Today is not a very good day. I'm looking for an air cooling unit last month. You know, I really wanted to buy the unit but I had a second thought. So, after a month thinking I've decided to purchase it. And guess what, there was a price increase and I ended up paying 22% more than the original price. I'm really pissed off but I got no choice, summer is coming and cooling is badly needed.

Dude, I could have bought shawarma rice good for 1 month with the savings. :(

Anyway, let's move on.
These are some photos I took using my handy dandy phone camera.

IMG_20210226_122359_638.jpgI'm really amaze how this plant propagates it's leaves.
It just splits near the base, what a freak

IMG_20210226_120807_089.jpgThis guava bud will soon be dead.
I'll soon chop the tree because the roots can't support it anymore.
It might cause accident, so better be safe than sorry.

IMG_20210226_121946_559.jpg Take a guess about what this is?
It's actually a plant hanger made from fish net and G.I. wire.
The background is charcoal and dried leaves.

IMG_20210226_120546_391.jpgWhat would you feel if you're a three old but already have all your grown up hair?
This is literally what I think while looking at this young plant.

IMG_20210226_121800_579.jpgWhat are they? My mom bought seeds of praying plant.
She treat them like her babies for 2 weeks.
Turned out they are seeds of the lokal kamantigue.
Don't trust shoppee.

This is a bougainvillea thorn.
I wanted to try bonsai-ng some old bougainvillea branches
but they always have these pesky thorns.
There are varieties without thorns but they are not free!

IMG_20210226_122551_137.jpgWeaver ants preparing for summer...
Or just gossiping about their queen.

IMG_20210226_122731_579.jpgSome chaotic sh*t.