Impressions Of Harlingen

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It seems that blogging for me is a winter activity. In summer there is so much going on that I don't spend much time on the keyboard. But I still take pictures from time to time ;-)

I am currently in Harlingen. The english Wikipedia page has so little information that I recommend to have the German or the Dutch page auto-translated.



It is a very nice city filled with a lot of tallships that are waiting for the Corona restrictions to lift:


(wondering how the trees on the right feel about their colleagues at work on the left)

The city is full of nice harbors, beautiful houses, and a ton of restaurants and bars that are, of course, all closed as can be seen below (I also like the color).



Its definitely is harder to blog in the summer. More pictures and less words seems to be the summer blogging methodology. Nothing wrong with that though.
Its funny to think about the "mind" of trees. Makes you wonder if they compete with one another?
"My son was turned into a boat that sails across the ocean. Hes seen the world. what was it your son was used for? Oh yeah he was made into 100 disposable forks. He saw the inside of a 100 mouths and the bottom of a 100 garbage cans."

Some lovely pics. A great promo for Harlingen. Makes me want to visit, once restrictions are lifted.

Pretty beautiful place to be and still feel free in this times. Small cities are always magical and being an old harbor it just emphasizes that more. Glad to hear about it and look to some pictures posted.

Hi Marius, great article.
is it normal that i didn't get a response from you about your Satoshis contest?

Hi @eminidi, hmmm don't know whether it is normal - don't read anything into it. I stopped following up on that post after the first five (my promise) six or seven replies.

Okay thank you for your response. Too bad I would have liked to have my first satoshis ):

I just liked The second picture ... the colleagues on the left do a great job on good trips. :)
The back houses look very beautiful.

2020 - The year everything was put on pause. It's like the whole planet is waiting for the red flag from one single entity. It started almost the same time everywhere and I have the feeling it will end as sudden as it started. Again, my take is that it is all orchestrated. I know, I'm a conspirator but it's so obvious.

It would be great to see more of your picture posting.
This lockdown is really affecting a lot. Getting places and shop closed.
How I wish this year can be reset to restart

Hi Marius

It would be interesting to see a post with pictures of your menu on a yacht :)))))

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I loved the last image. I always like abstract shots. a successful sharing. congratulations..