Shoot For Your A-Plan

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(this post is not referring to Plan-₿ - which ironically is my A-plan)

(Leica Apo-Telyt-R, 280 mm, 1:4)

This is a brief reminder that there are not risk-free avenues. Your A-plan may involve assumptions and risks but so do your B- and C-plans.

Why not spend all your time planning for A and then just go for it?

When I started with Bitcoin in 2014 I asked myself this: "If I had to lose money, how would I best do this?" I decided to take a risk with Bitcoin because I was impressed with its design and wanted to help it succeed.

Had my strategy failed I would at least have had the satisfaction of having tried it. By contrast, had I given that money to a fund manager and they would have failed I'd have felt much worse.

I try to do everything I can to avoid unnecessary risks but at the same time I am fully aware that there simply is no risk-less option.


You just don't know if you don't give it a go hey?

Completely agree with your thoughts no risk no gain

When I started with Bitcoin in 2014

Wow I wish I got into BTC that year.

In February 2014 when I purchased the first BTC the price was on the decline from the massive 2013 bull run. And the decline would go on for more than 12 months in which I stacked sats. Then came another 12 months of mostly flat prices. I believed in Bitcoin because I studied the tech and found it fascinating to be able to operate the the world's largest vault from the command line without having to ask anyone and without anyone even knowing or caring. Plan-₿ (that is option+20BF on the Apple unicode keyboard BTW) was my A-plan.

Actually, I wanted to give the article a different meaning but gravitated again towards Bitcoin - hahaha. Today my A-plan is living and working on the boat and I will write more about it later.