Sunrise On The Water

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Yesterday, I left the marina in Medemblik at 6 AM to catch favorable winds. It was very calm, and I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise on the water. Du to travel restrictions for my planned crew, I can practice solo sailing.


The second picture is one of those paradoxical pictures to be seen in cities with marinas and harbors. I like the subtle colors in the sky.



Das erste Bild ist super schön 😁

I always thought that sunrises are meant to be seen on the beach/from a boat while the sunsets in the mountains. Great shot! 😃

Sunrises are so underrated. Sunsets get all the attentions, but sunrises can be just as beautiful, and certainly more peaceful.

Stay safe on the waters..

It is a beautiful sunrise, very relaxing. The photo is very nice.

The first pic is simply majestic... Definitely worth trading the city life for something like this.

In my country you can see those hues in the sky at sunset.
I loved the first photograph. It was beautiful.

Can you navigate your sailboat without help? I imagine that you must have great experience to achieve this.

How liberating to be able to set sail and escape the lockdown for a few hours! Very nice sunrise photo.

The first picture looks to calm!

Just beautiful. Is it difficult to sail alone?
You must be good at it

Absolutely beautiful sunrise and also from the boat...does it get much better?

Sailing is something I would like to try and feel. I wonder if the loneliness would rush in or if I would find the equilibrium and silence that my mind and hearth need so much.

Having great time to spent is one of the best for the body.
You must have had a great time

a very beautiful sight

What an amazing click.. I soo miss sailing and catching some good wind. One gets to see the best sunrise & sunset when on water. I guess I will write about it ;)