The Cavallo Islands.

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The Cavallo Islands are a group of uninhabited islands and islets located in the municipality of El Aouana (formerly Cavallo).

The complex is made up of two islands, big Cavallo and small Cavallo, located respectively 957 meters north of El Aouana and 5 kilometers northeast of the said municipality, as well as several rocky islets.

The islets are part of the marine area of Taza National Park. they offer a highly appreciated landscape and nostalgic aesthetic feature, attracting many visitors each year.


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I do not know if this text is wrong or not, but the photos are mine, the text I did not take only from this page that you had send, but from several, since it describes all the same place they are used the same sentence, so I took from everywhere and I make the text, because I can not give any other information on this place.

What should I do to recover my earnings, delete the texts, put souces on each sentence, or they are lost.
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