My Big Fat Greek Vacation, part 1

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Earlier this year I went to Greece for a two-weeks long vacation.

I first flew in to Athens to meet-up with my dear old friends, with whom I went to college in Sweden a decade and half ago.

A happy reunion

They showed me around the beautiful historic city centre of Athens, we had dinner together, and I spent a night in their cozy city apartment, before we continued our journey to the Evia countryside, a few hours drive north of Athens.

Source: Google Maps


For the next couple of days we were just resting, enjoying fresh air and the beautiful nature of Evia, eating delicious locally-grown food and great Greek coffee, as well as visiting a small village fest in the area.

…and hitting forests, beaches, and hiking trails, of course! 🥾

A short video from our hiking trip to Drymonas Waterfalls

A breathtaking panorama view from a restaurant “the Aegean Balcony”


The days flew by very quickly quickly and soon it was time for me to get back to Athens to take a ferry boat to Crete from there, for the next chapter of my Big Fat Greek Vacation. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this travel story on my blog!


Look at you!!! What a great meetup and meeting people from back then is always fun! The views arent bad either!
What a perfect place for them to settle! I love Greece!
Did anything surprise you?

Hey hey! 👋 Long time no see! 😁🌞 Thank you so much for your comment. I am trying to get back to blogging regularly here – and attending HiveFest in Amsterdam was a much-needed boost of motivation on that front.

Surprises?.. 🤔 There were two big surprises, maybe:

  1. The levels of quiet racism directed to my girlfriend and her family (in Part 2 of my vacation post I will share more of our holiday together on Crete). I am not used to such hostile stares and quiet remarks, living in Estonia. I heard that Greece had very high levels of racism, compared to Northern Europe, but to experience it in person was very unpleasant and unsettling. 😔
  2. The lack of Ukraine's flags on display. 🇺🇦 In most of Europe you see flags of Ukraine, Ukrainian national colours, and messages of support and solidarity pretty much everywhere. Nothing of that nature was visible anywhere in Greece. I was told that Greece was aligned with Russia in the ongoing conflict and that was a surprising or even shocking discovery for me. 😯😕

Greece is in my bucket list, for sure. I don't know when, but there is a true will of visiting that wonderful Mediterranean country. The gastronomy, nature, the climate and the architectural are remarkably outstanding, going along with the Greek population sympathetic mood! Thank you for sharing the awesome view from the Aegean Balcony... Breathtaking one!


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Hi dear @arcange, 👋🌞

Yes, of course! 👍 Done and done. ✅

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You seem to feel nostalgic after reunion with college friends.

Yes, indeed I was. ☺️ They are very dear friends and I hadn't seen them for five years prior to that meeting in Athens

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