Riverbend Park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I needed to pass an hour while my husband had an appointment on Thursday, so I drove to Riverstone Park to take a walk and enjoy the fall colors.


As usual, different species of trees turn color at different times. Right now, some of them are a spectacular shade of red.


The lake is manmade, yet very pretty. I have always liked this corner of town. Development began here not long after we moved to the area, and it was a gradual process, but as recently as 12 years ago it was coming along nicely.


In 2016 I worked as a caregiver for a few months, and would often bring one of my clients here to go for a stroll. Sometimes I brought a book along and would read aloud to her while we rested on one of the benches. I still think of her when I visit this park. This particular bit of sculpture, called "Prelude," was there at that time.


"The Revenge of the Ants" has only been here since 2018.


I didn't notice a name plaque for this one, nor do I remember seeing it before. The city continues to add new sculptures to the area.


"Unconquered" is brand new, with a date of 2020! I'm glad it's not a real bear.


See the ducks in the foreground? There is always a good population of them here.

20201015_161445 trimmed_7.jpg

Another view of the lake and the fountain.


The lady on the bicycle has been here for a long time, with her dogs running alongside.


The leaves are already falling from this tree. We had a very wild wind two days before I took the photo; that may have had something to do with it.


This sculpture, called "Engagement," is also visible in the background of the previous photo. I'm not a big fan of sculpture, and I often wonder how the creator comes up with a name for one. In this case, it reminds me of two big diamonds, which could be in an engagement ring, so it makes some sense to me. I hope you enjoyed your virtual walk through the park with me!

All photos taken on my Android phone.



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You did an excellent job capture some of the beauty in the Coeur d'Alene area. I will have to catch some of your other posts.

Thanks for the comment! It's interesting and amusing to find we are "neighbors", in a way. I play with photography with my Android phone, and post pictures now and then. I will look you up on Hive, too.

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