Hello from Serbia πŸ‘‹ * on the road with Animal Care Austria * volunteer photographer

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Here are a few quick snaps from today, gonna stay here in Svilos to photograph the dogs until Friday, full report will come when I'm back home πŸ’“πŸΊπŸΆ

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@shinyforest hi Klaudia, that is wonderful! In which charities do you volunteer? Animal Care Austria have mainly dogs, but also cats and sometimes also horses and donkies. I photograph whoever needs to πŸ˜„πŸ’“

Those photos are both beautiful and helpful!
I'm supporting several charities that help cats, hedgehogs, birds and dogs. Lately I've become very interested in birds, mostly sparrows, and have started to take some small actions to help them. This involvement made me really really happy, to be honest, and I'm looking forward to more action.
I'm very happy that you post about this! <3

Thank you dear <3 ^_^
I try to do the best of what I can to help, I think it's super important to help those in need and that everybody has something that they can do!
Happy to hear about your involvement, would love to read about it too, if you'd care to write some posts about it :)

I will definitely write about it! Thank you, @shlomit :)

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So cool that you're involved in a charity action like that! I've become involved in some charity myself lately. Do you mostly work with dogs, or various animals, @shlomit?
All the best,

I like your dogs...

The U.S. has the highest dog population in the world.