Simple but Impressive Stone Towers in Cheoneun-sa Temple

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Sometimes we might be deeply impressed by the trifle things.
Especially in the realm of the beauty, there are exist various factors made us impressed.
And this factors are different according to the individual fondness.
In my case, I’ve been deeply impressed by the ordinary things.
In this temple, I saw the stone pagodas at the back yard of the main buddhist building.



As walking around the main hall, there was small halls behind the main building.
The stone towers were not so special, but when looking at those small stones, I could imagine lots of ordinary people put those stones one by one. With the hopes and the wishes, ordinary people might put up stone towers.




It's mysterious, I have never seen such a thing before! It's pretty wonderful!


Wows.... Awesome black and white photography, I love your post and photo, my dear friend @slowwalker

Very unique...almost looks like throngs of little people on top of that rock. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Beautiful pictures

These would make for some interesting paintings! Always love your pictures!

@slowwalker, There are son many stone pagodas in Cheoneun-sa Temple. I'm pretty impressive to look them. It made Korean's amazing Buddhism process.

I could imagine lots of ordinary people put those stones one by one.

Meanwhile your opinion be correct. Backyard halls has fascinating styles. You got massive knowledge walking around temple. Perfect photo clicks you uploaded there. Thanks for all.

Wow beautiful post

Is there any reason behind this big stone lying there?

They are looking very cute the small stones towered on the large one. Such a large stones are always impressive and mysterious there are different shape of them and probably weather is one of the artist who gives its touch to such gigantic natural beauties.

It is beautiful to look at although they are just rocks but people can imagine that they are mountains shooting up on the clouds or islands on an ocean @slowwalker