Roses for Tara #1

in #photography6 years ago

0010FOTO5532ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0004FOTO5510ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0001FOTO5504ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0009FOTO5530ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0002FOTO5505ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0007FOTO5522ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0003FOTO5508ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0008FOTO5529ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0006FOTO5517ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

0005FOTO5513ghjJuly 16, 2018.jpg

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OMG what a beauty of Flower its really really to pretty Please can you give me ^_^ i need this flower in my home

Absolutely stunning edits, with a 3-D, almost touchable look to them. I love the depth, color, and perspective!

very nice 3-D