Telescope a Day 5/7

in #photography4 years ago

A small Penrith Observatory, located in Western Sydney has operating 60cm telescope. Apart from doing scientific research on polarimetry and close binary star systems this 60cm telescope is used every other weekend for public outreach. It's a great way for young kids and astro enthusiasts to spend a quality Saturday night from time to time.

In optical astronomy during the observation nights dim red light is used since it has the smallest effect on the eyes, and eyes can adapt back to the darkness way faster than if it was a bright blue/white light surrounding.

There is a great topic on how our eyes work differently in daylight and dark, or that peak sensitivity differs for about 50nanometers or that during the day our eyes are most sensitive to the wavelength that is also where the peakof the Solar emissivity.

If you happen to have available witness votes and searching for a dedicated witness on hive network, consider investigating and eventually casting a vote for crowdwitness.



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