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I was going through some pictures and I wanted to share a few with you. These are odds and ends that I had not put out on social media as of yet. I shot these on different trips I have taken. This is not really a plant theme though they all do grow. I have many plants in my home an I will get to those later. I just like to admire natural beauty.


I do not need something that dazzles me with its beauty, but some do. I find beauty wherever I look. If I am out I wait for something to call out to me. What is beauty to you?


Take this one for example, it's not the best picture you could take, but I think I was able to capture something special in it. Its roots sticking out above the sand. The adversity this tree has gone through in its life seems horrific. It had to keep growing in a sideways position. I wonder what caused it to have to do that.

Its leafy crown is interesting because we don't really take notice of it because of the odd roots. It's like we don't see it. The root and branch structures make a backwards "C" or better, a sideways "V" with the roots growing in the same orientation as the lop sided top. Then there is one on the other side like a clawing hand trying to pull it back upright. So the bigger or taller this tree is, the the more its roots do whatever is necessary to keep it in the air.

And this is only a moment of the day, if you pay even more attention you will be able to see that in the background is the sea and the storm building above it as if years of storms were what caused it to mutate and survive.

The Perfect and the Flea-bitten

This time I found it in the middle of the Argentine Pampas.

Now its beauty has reached some cities, and it has a great variety of colors and some vary a little in shape. but the most common is this with shades of violet.


This beauty is called Morning Glory.
It is a very beautiful vine that is usually
found growing wild along roadsides in rural areas.

Like the leaves on the bent over tree, there is something we are not seeing here. The somewhat drab bud that is about to open. The condition of the greenery could have disqualified this photo and it almost did for me. But the perfection of the petals are contrasted with the partially eaten leaves makes them more radiant. The dying flower heading right and the spire-like bud getting ready to take the place of the next one to fall off.

The Red Faker

The first time I have ever encountered a wild pineapple. It is a huge plant with its characteristic shades of red that do not coincide with the colors we know of its cousin, the delicious pineapple.


The details of the plant catch my attention because it has many spikes in its formation that make it nearly impossible to extract and its spiked leaves that are more sturdy than saw-grass. It has its own cute way of seeking to preserve itself in the wild.


For your information, this variant of the pineapple is not edible for us. Its taste and texture are completely horrible (I tried it). The fruit is consumed by some animals that live in the ecosystem but they must have become accustomed to it over time. As for me I will not have an open mind about this one in the future. Once was enough for me.

I thank those of you who supported my recent posts.

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