It's Almost Time

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🎶Jingle Bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.🎶


It's that time of the year again.. in 34 days, it'll be Christmas day. a day to celebrate the birth of our dear Jesus. As we all know it's also the season to love more , to give and share more.. though yes we can do it everyday , it has been innate or shall i say a tradition for all of us celebrating it yearly .. as the song say "giving gifts , exchanging cards" . We used decorate our houses and even offices and schools.. And we even love to play different christmas songs..


Those few lines as my introduction are just some of what i and my youngest heard when we had a quick getaway to the nearest mall.. and hearing the christmas carols makes me feel more excited on celebrating it with family. The only reason why we hurriedly get into mall's supermarket is for me to pay our internet . I have to have my Freia ( youngest ) with me. Coz she don't want to leave my side as always, but my 2nd , Alex i was able to escape from her , leaving her with her papa, but i missed her that quick time already.. like 30 minutes only 😅.


After paying the bill , my daughter's attention was caught by this christmas display .. a chritmas decor which is yearly done by malls. I think what she likes about it was that fairy design , she said it is Tinkerbell. As for myself , i love that flower that i guess was designed like a gumamela flower. it also has a tall xmas tree with it. The color combination just says about the season..


It was just minutes but i know my daughter really enjoyed it and she was really amazed as well. I treat her with french fries only and also her sister for take out amd they were both happy eating it..very soon , am gonna be celebrating it with my son as well, always and forever...


Let Christmas be always in our hearts...

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@cecilian 粥粥 迎着大雪 开着卡车 给您送来

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Nice enjoy na enjoy mga kids

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You got a resteem :-)

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