We present: A new Game running on Hive

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Today we are very excited to announce our newest creation: Piggericks is a competitive and fun skill game we hope you will love to play! It runs on the HIVE blockchain and uses Ethereum as well. This has the advantage that the key assets you work to build up by playing the game are in your control.

As a group of gaming enthusiasts, we have been working on this game for over a year now, making it the best for our players! We hope that recreational and serious game players alike will love playing Piggericks and enjoy some of its virtual spoils.

The game goes Live on July 15.

You will be able to play the game on July 15. Today we are announcing an Exciting Pre-Sale (more below) that is live now. This way you can score some major benefits.

There are two ways you can log into the game: with your existing Hive account or with any ETH address using metamask. Sign-In here.

The Game

The game is about making smart decisions and battling other players. To start, you will need two pigs to compete with the other players. The idea is to collect as many pigs as you can and enhance their attributes and experience. When you tactfully use your pigs to play the game, you can earn rewards in online gaming competitions. More experience of your piggies will lead you to higher levels in the game!

Learn more about the game, here

Get Pigs in The Open Market or Our Shop

You can acquire - as well as sell - Piggies in the open marketplace. The game is integrated with OpenSea, the largest marketplace for rare digital goods. We also have a shop where new pigs can be purchased.

Piggericks shop

Announcing the Pre-Sale: From Now to July 15!

We are excited to offer some very special goodies for our first players. We also understand that jumping into a completely new game may take some convincing at first. So, we want to give you some extra reasons and special benefits of joining the game as one of the first players.

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Special Packages Only Available During Pre-Sale

To celebrate the launch of the game, we are offering a limited amount of Packages with extra value that will not be available in the future. To understand what we are offering in the special packages, first, you must have a look at our standard packages that are available throughout the game and are the same on every level.

Here is an example of a standard package offered at Level 1. Other levels will have the same kind of package structures (at corresponding prices).

Level 1


Bonus Pigs








Piggy Pair





Piggy Bunch






Now, for every standard package, we offer regularly, there will be a special package only offered in the Pre-Sale. These packages are limited in quantity and only available for the duration of the Pre-Sale.

The Pre-Sale Packages will have double the Grunts (our VIP points) and an extra Bonus Pig for every pig in the package.

The table below shows the difference that the level 1 special package offers:

Level 1


Bonus Pigs







$1 + 0 = $1

Piggy Pair



10+10= 20%

$2 + 0 = $2

Piggy Bunch


1 +6=7

10+10= 20%

$5 + 0 = $ 5


Each of these packages will be available for 500 times or until July 15, whichever comes first.

Giveaway For Our First 1000 Players, 5 Times

It pays to be the first! We are providing a very special giveaway to the first players during the Pre-Sale. We are defining 6 levels: $10, $50, $100, $200, $500 and $1000. The first 1000 that spend these amounts in the shop will receive a giveaway of the same amount issued via our regular packages. And the good news is, players can participate in each level simultaneously. That means you will receive the giveaway of the highest level that you spend as well as all the levels below!

The Giveaway will be paid whenever the first 1000 players have reached the corresponding level or when the promotion expires, whichever comes first.

As a result, you can get anywhere from $10 to $1860 in extra value from this giveaway! Don’t you want to score it all?



When signing up, players can provide a username as a referral. So if you have a friend, give him your username to use when signing up. Once you have signed up, the referral cannot be changed.

When your friends spend money at the shop, you get rewarded.


Level Money Spend in Shop Bonus Give-Away Reward issue

Level 1



Within 1 Week of end of July, monthly thereafter

Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Rewards will also be given as packages or grunts, the details about which will be shared at a later point.

This is a promotional bonus valid until further notice.

Bounties For Content Creators

If you like to write, share posts on social media, or are a video creator we have some special bounties for you!


For video creators, packages ranging from $50 to $750 will be given. Once you create a video based on/linked to Piggericks, we will go through it and rate the video quality and rank them. The best video creator receives bounties worth $750 and subsequently, bounties worth 1x $500, 1x $350, 10 x $100, and 10 x $50 will be given to a maximum of 23 video creators overall!

For blog and social media post creators, packages ranging from $25 to $500 will be given. This works in the same way as the bounties given to video creators. 23 bloggers will get the bounties worth 1x $500, 1x $300, 1x $200, 10 x $50, and 10 x $25.

You can also score all three of these if you are good. You could make a video and then post about it to have a shot at both bounties, or even at all three if you write an article about it as well.

These rewards can later be won in the game! We will share in a separate post how to post links to your content in a way that you are eligible for the bounties.

Isn’t it all so exciting? Well, it might be hard for you to say right now but once you get there, we promise you will enjoy everything we just talked about! We will be back with an update on our pre-sale offers and giveaways.

Join Us on Social Media

For more updates and information about the launch and pre-sale offers of Piggericks, you can connect with us on social media.

If you want to chat with us join our Telegram group
If you need support, join our Discord Server

Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

We will be back with more information, soon! Till then, get ready to play and earn!


Looks very interesting! Rehived and looking forward to the start!

Small note: In the settings page it says "Steem handle" instead of "Hive handle" and the social media buttons at the bottom of the page don't work. (I guess you are still working on those small details :) )

Edit: I just bought a package, it worked well, but you should probably open the Hivesigner page in a new tab or automatically redirect back to the page, because currently you are stuck on the Hivesigner page after confirming a transaction. Please consider adding Keychain support.

Thank you so much. We will address this. And Hivesigner is on the roadmap.

Thank you for buying a package!

Awesome, new dapps are always appreciated, will buy some packs.

It says in the shop that bonus pigs expired after 7 days if not played with. Since we can't play at the moment does this rule apply to this pre-launch week?

Yes, this will only kick in 1 week after go live

I love games - re-hiving to spread the news

Thank You Uwe!

Interesting, now I'm going to raise pigs. I just made the first purchase

Thanks so much!

merci beaucoup!

de rien et bonne réussite dans ce projet, j'ai hâte de faire un combat pour tester, good luck

Awesome. That is a clear rehive and a pinned post on FB " We love Steem and Hive ".

This looks interesting.:)

@tipu curate ;)

Hello. I noticed the links to the social sites on the footer of the page are all broken. Also the privacy policy and contact us links go nowhere. The discord invite link in this post is invalid.

I also just spent $5 and nothing shows up in my account.

I'm hopeful though. Looks like you put in some real effort into this.

The links will be fixed monday. Thx

Freakin' Sa-WEEEEEEE-t!

This little pig rolling game used to be one of my favorite travel games. Getting a double stouter took a little bit of skill to achieve in most cases.

That is also how i discovered it.

Will you be adding Hive Keychain?

On the list of things to do. Hive signer for now.

Hivesigner is also good. Just wanted to know :D

You can sign in with ethereum, hive-signer and posting key.

For ethereum users we will create a Hive account for free as soon as a package is purchased of any amount. So you can now for $1 get an instant Hive account and a pig to play with :-)

I dont use Eth xD

That's ok. But would u not like some ETH users join us on Hive?

Ofcause! I have no problem with the payment method! :D
I was just asking about Keychain thats all xD

Dear @knircky, so lets do our best to develop this game and make a real competition with dcity which haven't the same background of @piggericks!

As always thanks for your support!

Piggies on hive ohh yea it’s happening!!

It most definitely is!

Will follow!

Can I get permission to play with the two pigs I got?
the bonus one expires if I do not play and I can't if you guys do not give me permission.

The Bonus will not expire until one week after go live. Our next post will explain this.

I want to play. Gathered few battle-pigs 😄

We may open the games early if we get enough players

Excellent! I like where this is going 😀

Nice concept!
I'm eager to learn more about the mechanism, I may do some reviews (Blog and Vlog).

Thank you. Feel free to reach out via the telegram channel if you have some question.
Telegram: https://t.me/piggericks
Discord: https://discord.gg/G5k2Cv

just need a few more players. thank you so much for signing up and getting some piggies

No worries, re-blogged to see if a few more people are tempted :)

I can't believe the great moment is so near...

Looks interesting, I don’t know the mechanics of it yet so I can’t confirm if I will give it a try but if you accept hive as a payment then I will see what I can do to get a few little piglets in my pocket.

Awesome! You can find some good amount in the how-to section on our website.

Let me know if u need more, and we can explain in future posts

Greetings, would like to chat about Piggericks! Your Discord invite seems to be invalid, can you relink so I can pop in and say hi 👊

Yes the link should be fixed now

I bought a piggy or two where do they show up? So far mine says no piggies :(

Edit: nevermind I got them!

Go go pigs!!!!
Great project

Got my first pair :)
Screenshot 20200612 at 15.40.34.png

You might want to change Steem to Hive 😋


yes, can't believe we have missed it :-)

Thank you!

edited to account for the fact that the issue was solved swiftly by the team. Thank you!

Hello Oleg,

I am very sorry about your experience and we will fix this issue for you.

We store the a referral <> username connection and we do not delete this to protect referrals.

We do not expect emails in there so in this case it was unfortunate that we by this token actually kept an email. Also we do not require any emails.

I will personally check if the deletion does not correspond to spec (however from your experience it looks like behavior was ok. It is to prevent that people can just sign up for several referrals and game the system.

Could you do me a favor and contact us via telegram or discord so we can fix whatever we need with your account?

All that said. Thank you for trying our game, I hope I can bring some joy to with it after all.

Please do reach out

Thanks a lot!! It's all been solved now, I appreciate your help. I will edit my original reply. I felt like I was too negative in it. Sorry about that. Thank you once again and I'm looking forward to play your game with my friends on Hive! :)

I'm going to promote this! I want that bounty! Will there be more info soon?

Yes we will provide detailed posts about the bounties.

can i sell and earn from this game?

You can win rewards when u play the game and they can be sold in an open market

How can i refer my hive friends through my account?

they need to provide your account name when they sign up in the referral field

Wow looks interesting! Already spent 10$.

Can't we sell pigs on hive market? as currently sell option is only available on ethereum.

We do not have a hive market yet. You can however sent it to other hive users, but we do not have a hive marketplace yet.

What happens when I sell a pig? Do I receive it as ethereum to metamask? Or Do I receive it as a pig token?

Pigs can die in battles?

Yes you can sell it for eth on opensea. You can also send them to other users

Does it directly go to opensea when I push sell?

technically it goes into the ETH address that is associated with your account. This feature requires that you have an ETH address provided, which you can do under settings.

How can I avoid the expiration of my bonus pig if I can not play?
Screenshot 20200613 at 11.44.44.png

Very good question!
The bonus pigs will not expire until one week after go live.

Thank you

Bonus pigs say they will expire? I assume that is not going to the case as the game haven't started? Is that the right assumption??

Correct assumption!

thank you dear @knircky for the response. Also, I just wanted to confirm, If a person buys at level 6 i.e. for $250 it entitles the person with the same amount of reward right? thank you

Actually you will get the $10,$50, $100 and $200 for an overall value of $360.



I've clicked sign in more than once, nothing happened

I am sorry. I think this is an issue we have with brave. Can you use chrome?

Will have to download and try again

u may try again, we applied some fixes, but again tested only on chrome. Brave works for me though

Hi! I followed the link on how to play with my pigs. But its not working. There is a dialog box that says my pigs will die on June 19! Help!

They won't. Not until one week after go live.

thanks for that info! I am looking forward to playing piggerick!

So is this a variation of the Pig dice game...like Pass the Pigs?

allez je tente pour vous donner chance achat de 4 cochons

Sounds like lots of fun. Do you accept payment in Hive/ HBD?

In fact if you pay in HBD you get a little discount as we always assume 1 HBD = $1 USD. We do this to strengthen HBD on Hive.

That is great and I wish you success in the launch. I will check out the shop.

Yes!!! And also Ethereum and Dai

Very good news, I'll go pick some up.