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Good evening or morning to everyone. Hope everyone had a good Wednesday! So there's not gonna be any pictures with this post sorry. This or more about questions and information. A while back one of my good buddy's had sent me a link for a coding website in order to school myself. We had a good talk about how it could help me out and be beneficial to the blockchain. I've slacked off a little bit and haven't been putting the time needed into the schooling. I'd love to get to know more about coding if anyone could give me pointers. I'm starting with basics like creating my own "Html". I never really had been big on technology especially coding. It's some very critical thinking and I'd absolutely love to get good at it. I feel it may be able to help not only me but the blockchain advance to what we all want to do!

Here is the link for the website I've been doing my personal schooling on for anyone who is familiar with coding. I'd like you you to take a look at this website and give me your insight that would be spectacular. I'm stuck on question 12 of "New Responsive Web Design" if anyone can get through that and solve the problem I could not. Please get a hold of me if any means possible and I'd like to be able to chat. I'd like to know what I was doing wrong and what will help me understand the concept of it better.


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Not much of a coder myself, but I often threaten my coding friends im going to learn and steal their jobs...

A recent "top tip" for coders has been to use Chatgpt, the bot is pretty good at working out the issues and giving you a solution. Revolutionising the way coders learn, they used to have to come to hive and ask other people!

Good luck on your journey! We'll need to get you coding for us soon! We have so much to do :D

Im looking forward to it. There’s always room for improvement and adjustments where they’re needed!