Deer season

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It’s that time of year! Where my favorite food comes out to play hehe. I’ve always enjoyed going out into the woods early in the morning, having a nice cup of coffee to start it off. Rifle season started back November 19th. I haven’t been able to go out into the woods yet. But I’m hoping tomorrow me and my good friend Zek will go out and see about getting a deer. I know my dad wants some deer meat. He loves going hunting as well. One of the sneakiest fuckers I know in the woods, sneak up behind me without me even knowing til he says something to me. That’s happened quite a few times that’s for sure. I tend to like to nap the first 2-3 hours being in the woods… That’s probably why I don’t see many deer is because I’m usually sleeping. Oh well, I’m gonna get one this year, I can feel it in my bones!


Now the real question is, what should I use? Well I have a 30.06,bolt action rifle 3-9x40 zoom scope. Very accurate rifle, has a bit of a kick to it. My choice bullets would be 160 grain. Because 180 grain is just a little too much. Found that out the hard way lol.. Ended up giving myself a black eye, that definitely felt awesome. Now on the other hand I have my 12 gauge pump my first gun I purchased with my own money. Only ever shot it a few times, I love the gun that’s for sure! If you guys were to go hunting, what would your choice gun be?


Mostly brush around here so I'd opt for the guage.

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