Now...this should take me to the party!

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***Starts chanting an incantation. **

I guess I have arrived a little bit too late. Where is everybody?


I was planning to post here for so long and yet got distracted again and again :3 Ha! Well, I've been busy. Not sorry for that.

If anyone finds this. Just FYI, a while ago, I started moving pixels around. Just for fun. No harm, right? Then I decided to move the pixels more and learn some animation.
But as disorganized as I am, I just did it at random. The lesson learned. It's bad to be disorganized while animating. Labeling layers and thinking about what goes on top of what is a real craft. So I'm applauding everyone who did more than two sprite animations :D

The girl on the GIF is was my flatmate.

I thought it would appease her gloomy and critical attitude be fun to create a sprite of all of my flatmates and maybe make a game out of it. In total, I made about 4 sprites out of 12, each representing a flatmate before I was kicked out moved to another flatshare with much more fun people (Tbh, I'm not a fan of planned and organized fun. Which my former flatmates (some of whom are dear friends) were big proponents of. Fun should be spontaneous imo :D. Otherwise, it's a chore. It was...for me)

I should've moved to another floor from the beginning :D

Anyway, I forgot, I'm supposed to introduce myself.

Hi! I'm a lurker and a finder of things. I used to paint a lot. I used to draw a lot. Then I did some Python that eventually got me a job that pays rent for now :)
If you are not a stranger, you'll know who I am. For others, well, I'm not inclined to say more because that's how I roll. Even though it's not a mystery or a secret. There really isn't much to say, and I prefer to be the one asking open-ended questions or calling out people on their 'patooties.'

No plans

for this blog. It's mostly going to be where I collect my pixel art into a portfolio before the next great thing. I'll probably post some other artwork too.

If you like pixel art, come back for more later :D 🍅

@pxlmitsu aka CarrotSunday on Insta


Welcome pxlmitsu!
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Welcome to the party!

Hey quitter :D Thanks for the warm welcome!
How're the withdrawal symptoms going?

Hey Lurker!

yo rube! :D made any pancakes recently?



Haven't made them in a while, but I did eat some recently :), oh, that sounds like a riddle!
Wish I would have them a bit more pixelated though ;--)

Hello, beautiful, pixelated soul! Welcome to Hive! :-)

Hello Mr. Wizard @gtg :) Sorry it took me one whole year to make this post after I made the account lol! I'm a slow cooker 😉

Reminds me of my style.. Gifted, but completely disorderly. Well, no time like the present to improve.. Man, am I fan or what..! Makes me wanna pick up my Pokémon again this instant.

@thatkidsblack Only fan :D Thanks for the encouragement earlier. I needed it <3

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Super cool pixels, welcome to the party... yes I'm already there but leaving soon cause someone barfed on my shoes 👞

Anyway, more please!

Sorry for all the barf; it was probably me :D

still barfing rainbows

I'm determined to show more, of course. I'm also determined to pace myself and start with just one post per week. No burnout this time :)

and thank you for the support and engagement 😉

Pretty cool if you can barf rainbows, sorta has me wondering what is produced elsewhere.... or not... Stop typing now 😑

I love animations!!! Done a few stick man ones. It really is a half getting all the layers organised but saves so much time in the end!

Thank you @meesterboom !
Do you have any of them up somewhere to check? :)


Ever wonder how many layers did this dude have?

I suspect less than we think! I have a couple on this post :0)

bwahahaha that is great!

Cheers! They were pretty much was in the same vein. Comical gory stock man death :0D

thank you @neoxian :D I appreciate your kind words.