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I don't remember the first slice of DELICIOUS !PIZZA I received on Hive, but I do remember that I didn't really pay it too much attention back then, what with various other consumables on offer such as !BEER and !WINE, not to mention !ENGAGE, I just sort of shrugged and though 'ah another !WHATEVER'.

But the !PIZZA kept on coming, from various people, and so a couple of months back I decided to check out what it was all about and I was suitably impressed!


Following a little digging and snooping I was so impressed in fact that I decided it was worth a VEST, and I managed to convince three other sad middle aged men of this too.... @meesterboom, @abh12345 and @tarazkp - fine and long term Hivers all and we have collectively spunked almost 44 000 PIZZA into a communal account @pizzapool.

NB note that between us we are four of the most COMMITTED Hive holders - depressingly for us the last 18 months seem to have been a case of 'we power up so you don't have to' but whatever, people are free to do as they please with their stake, we just choose (maybe irrationally) to hold a relatively large amount of Hive Powered Up.

But the Pizza project strikes me (I would say us, but these idiots just trusted me on this) as one of the few outward looking projects being built on Hive and that's the kind of thing I (we) look to Vest in.

NB I doubt very much that @pizzapool will be posting very much, rather the PIZZA is going to sit there so that we can enjoy a 6-10% weekly yield (weekly return determined by a dice roll) on our staked Pizza.

The T10 Pizza stakers all receive such a reward, staked weekly to their accounts, it's all part of the 'Pizza game' and in fact gaming is the main focus of the PIZZA community....

What is PIZZA...?

You've probably come across Pizza as a second-layer token on Hive, which you can buy on Hive-Engine, and if you stake 20 of them, you can call the !PIZZA bot a few times a day to reward people with 0.1 PIZZA at a time, and if you stake 200 you can call that bot a lot more, probably more than you'd make comments in a typical day on Hive.

If you buy and stake 500 you get entered for a weekly lottery and can win a decent amount of Pizza relative to the size of your stake.

If you buy around 20 000 Pizza you might just about be able to sneak into the T10 and enjoy the 6-10% weekly return mentioned above, although it might well be nearer 30K by the time you read this!

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 19.18.09.png
T10 pizza holders ATM with @pizzapool sitting in P3, NOICE!

NB it took us around 2 months of stealth accumulation to get up there, hiding Pizza in the pools and across our four accounts so as to not trigger buying from anyone else and keep the price reasonable for that period.

It's all part of the game!

And there is risk of course, but then again we all do OK on Hive (my own Vest in this is covered by around 7-10 days of Splinterlands earnings) so we've basically traded magic internent money for magic internet Pizza.

@Hive.pizza and the Pizza community

The @hive.pizza account is the hub account of the PIZZA community on Hive and is the first place you should go to find out more about the community and the token, and it's well worth checking out.

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 18.01.02.png

There is a BIG focus on gaming, the pizza community LOVE games, including Hive games - there is a lot of love for Splinterlands, Rising Star and Exode and a lot of synergy with the new 1Up community too.

The @beardflex is the main guy behind the Pizza Project, and you CANNOT go wrong trusting a man with such a FINE beard!

And special mention to the @stickupboys who produce the MOST excellent Pizza related gifs like the one above, and this one....


NB the Discord is well worth checking out, especially if you like Gifs, they have a random Gif bot.


What I REALLY liked about hive.pizza is that it is OUTWARD looking, they have their own external site, off Hive - HivePizza.com. It was this that went a long way to convincing me the project was worth investing in - I am more than happy to Vest in something that has links OUTSIDE of Hive and seeks to bring people in, in fact that is a main focus of their road map..

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 18.07.52.png

The project also has links with Steam (with an 'a', not the fifth with two 'e's) and in fact you can buy Steam games on their web site with Hive, or pizza!

Development on Hive (excellent returns)

The team are also actively developing on Hive - there are plenty of opportunities to earn Pizza in pools for excellent returns, with the PIZZA-STARBITS pool currently offering a 450% return.

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 19.09.03.png

(NB disclaimer, PizzaPool used this to accumulate Pizza (in addition to the DEC pool (which we practically owned for six weeks) and also buying on HE, we are now out of both pools, but you've still got 8 days left of rewards from NOW on the Starbits pool if you want to take advantage, but DYR, pools always come with an IL risk. DEC rewards end tomo, so don't bother with that!).

You can also earn Pizza by delegating Hive and I rather like this Hive is Beautiful infographic produced by @hivetrending , another major player in the Pizza ecosystem, it shows you hive TXs vizzed, I love vizzes!

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 19.03.17.png

They also run a Witness, which you might like to vote for too!

Comment below to win a 20 Pizza Stake

After spending about $3000 on Pizza tokens over the last two months (TELL ME ABOUT IT!) I've got a few liquid left over (we decided to pool collectively with round amounts to make the return-math easier!).

If you don't already have 20 pizza staked, comment below - the two comments which amuse me the most without being a twat will get 20 Pizza staked to their account.... decision based ENTIRELY on my subjective whimsical.

If you already have 20 pizza and want to comment and nominated someone else for the stake, that's cool.

If no one amuses me sufficiently I'll just add the liquid pizza I've got to PizzaPool.

Hive and Pizza final thoughts..

I think @hive.pizza is one of the best projects on Hive - outward looking, active, innovative, and probably most importantly, a bunch of nice guys who don't take themselves TOO seriously.

The later is especially appealing as a check on my tendency to take Hive a little TOO seriously, it's good to have something that's just plain FUN on the chain!

And, of course, who doesn't like !PIZZA!

Especially when it's not all about the money, but then again, who doesn't also like a 300-500% return on their Vest?!?

Nom, Nom!



(I would say us, but these idiots just trusted me on this)

I am still skeptical!


Lol. We so did though.. 🤣🤣

Yes. It is the beard - it distracts from the shifty eyes and the twitching from being hopped up on all that !PIZZA

I'm still half convinced that he is in fact the beardflex!


It makes sense!

I think we need to get @revisesociology and @beardflex to KYB to prove they aren't the same person.

Worth a couple of days of Splinterlands earnings hopefully!

Amazing information, the !PIZZA secrets have eluded me until today! that weekly % is insane, I wonder if buying the brofund coin is the only way for us small fries to get in now?... It is up there on the richlist with you

I guess the BroFund coin is the way in, unless you do what us four did and do a collective pool - but we do all know each other well and we're pretty deep into Hive between us.

I am going to suggest at some point they incentivise say the next 10 or 20 down a bit more. It would make sense if the distribution was a little more like DCity.

and we have collectively spunked almost 44 000 PIZZA into a communal account @pizzapool

That pretty much is the best way to sum it up!!

I should have put a TLDR into the heading.

“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” — Groucho Marx

“Unless they serve pizza a club meetings.” — @preparedwombat

You're just a !PIZZA slut!

Good work, who doesn't love !PIZZA

Cheers, just loving those Gifs.... BTW I think you need to put some more of the positive ones on NFT showroom, rather than just 'hands off my Pizza' which is great but some of the more 'like the one above' would be good too!

In short MOAR !PIZZA please!

nice good plan, thanks for heads up!

Is there any leftover pizza? People need to stop posting good stuff when I am working!

Ah enough work more !PIZZA !

Thanks for the pizza!

and we have collectively spunked almost 44 000 PIZZA into a communal account @pizzapool

That pretty much is the best way to sum it up!!

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Join us in Discord!

Come across it a few times...sounds interesting at the very least

Here is a little more to cross


lol ...Thanks Taraz

It's a fun community!

so this is what pizza means on hive. Have come across this several times but then I never looked into it.
Reading through this post now I would say I have at least 50% of what pizza is on hive and truth be told this post is really helpful.
I'm glad I came across it

I couldn't cover everything, it's a great forward looking project and fun community though, oh and with a 500% return to the top 10 PIZZA holders, but that all depends on the Pizza price!

Okay noted. I will go deep into it


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Too bad I started to show interest in the PIZZA project (no use to add !, I don't have 20 staked - blame pools!) so late. That's a very cool and active one.

It's never too late for !PIZZA @gadrian... although sometimes the pizza is too late... 😆

Oh, and now (as long as my command goes through, that is) you're one slice closer to having 20!

(and @revisesociology, if this amused you, please consider staking to the dude I'm replying to, since I obvs have my 20 😁)

Yup, once I get started, try stopping me from eating PIZZA! :)

I started getting pizza from comments I would make and that caught my attention. I stake all I have received which is around 14. I think it is a great project. I always love seeing the tip bot hand out slices. It would be nice to get up to the 20 slice level so I can start handing it out as well. Take care.

This is a great rundown of the project and the logic behind you all choosing to invest in it is the same as my own! I appreciate that this is becoming noticed for all the right reasons! Glad to have the four of you on board and hope to see lots more !PIZZA being bought up and staked in the future!

I am slowly getting my pizza - so far I have 0.9 so there is long way ahead of me hahahahaha

What's your target?!?

Here's another 0.1 !PIZZA towards it, whatever it may be!