Wait! Is that a New Mega Play Park? Recoleta.

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Wait! Is that a New Mega Play Park? Recoleta.

Hello beautiful people of Hive. The other day I found myself walking across the street to sit down and have my lunch. Recoleta is full of wide open spaces to sit down in the grass and eat. But what is this?
A new park was just finished in the neighborhood. If you have a lot of space, why not make a park with a lot of spread out equipment in it. Everything looks so sturdy!

The day was warm and partially cloudy (with a chance of fun), but the kids were not with me. I cannot wait to tell them about this place. I brought the pictures home for them to see, and they can't wait until school is out so we can go. I said maybe on the weekend.


When I arrived saw the cement walkways and benches to sit and watch the kids, or maybe just have lunch under a tree. The trees are a bit small for that except the ones that are not within the ex-construction zone.


This is an inclined palestra for the chiso to climb up to the games, and by the way it is designed with very good quality materials, which surprised me a lot.

As you can see in the picture it is surrounded by trees and greenery which I thought was beautiful to come with the family and the kids too. I went a little closer as it was well this playground and I found a lot more.


Past the mini palestra we have a very large net that makes it difficult for them to pass through and makes it fun. I think the kids might like it. Around the center of the playground is the classic game of the squares.

I have many memories as a child in that game with my grandparents, with my brothers and sisters that when we wanted to fight one of us would stay at one end and would not let the other one go down or some falls in that game so simple and fun.


It's like a net bed to play on, I thought it looked great.


I get dizzy just thinking about a 360 inside a tube, buy my kids have always loved this kind of slide.

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 12-17-47 Encrypted Drive.png

There are many of these slides all over the game. It is very good so everything is in beautiful condition. After leaving this area I wanted to walk around the park and I found something I love. Playing ping pong.


The bigger kids can play basketball but it is far enough away that my kids will not get hit with a stray ball. It is so nice that the sports and exercise areas are not near the play equipment that my little ones will be using. It looks like the teens and adults are already discovering the newly opened park.


For me, this is just a nice place to get away from the office and get some fresh air at lunch time. I walked around and grabbed these shots and posted my thoughts. The kids will see my post and I am sure they will be excited to see the park in person. This one could become one of their favorites. I picture us coming here with a picnic lunch and drinks to last the day. I can't wait to show them my new find. They will be thinking about Christmas this coming weekend, but maybe we can check it out together right before New Years!

I thank those of you who supported my recent posts.

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