just shower thoughts - cats

in #poblast year

so, as i had a shower, i was unencumbered by digital inputs
gave me a moment to think
about how to train the cat ( would like to put some black plastic, like you use for weed mat ( and i am currently using for my post-op bath )
and make a kind of 'funnel' effect, so the cats can pee, and it will drain straight into the toilet.

remembered a doco i watched a few months ago, about how important sleep is
and how 'the stuff u learn while awake' then gets 'cemented into memory' after sleeping

and that got me to thinking
it SHOULDNT be hard to train cats, on account of how much they sleep

love to hear your thoughts on this
will also go fetch the yt vid and add it in comments


Cute kitty❤️❤️❤️

yeah he sleeps weird...
becoming quite the chonk

Oww, this is her best position @s ever! Love your cats dun!! I had my anti rabies... So no worries ☺

i wasnt gonna bite hard enough to break the skin .. but good to know ;)

I am talking to the cat not you ☺ ♥

obviously not, cos they are both boys XD