Tomorrow's Podcast: Golden Girls Mug, Rooting for the Home Team, and Winter Spear Fishing

in #podcast4 months ago

Paul and I finished recording our latest podcast.

In it, we talk about turning 40--and inevitably growing old (to which Paul showed off his Golden Girls mug).

Periphery Podcast 052021.00_10_58_07.Still009.jpg

We talk about the effect sports has on people (to which I recalled my reaction after the Vikings made a clutch play).

Periphery Podcast 052021.00_21_33_18.Still010.jpg

Then we go back to The Periphery YouTube archives to watch an oldie about darkhouse spear fishing in northern Minnesota.

Periphery Podcast 052021.00_58_48_13.Still012.jpg

Oklahoman Paul was stunned.

Look for this podcast episode released tomorrow on YouTube:


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