Listening to Podcasts while streaming sats with Value 4 Value

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Do you want to listen to or watch video podcasts from your favorite Hive creators? If you're posting videos to @threespeak you can try this out right now. There's a companion piece to this coming soon for 3speak creators but for now, this is for listeners.

Go grab one of these apps:

iPhone and Android and web apps



Fountain is in both app stores and allows easy set up of a wallet to hold Satoshis: head to your Profile and click the "hamburger" menu (the 3 lines) and you'll see a Wallet option.



Podfriend has a great web app and iPhone and Android versions (though these are in beta but so you need to contact Martin and he'll invite you. The Wallet function on Podfriend is beautiful and easy to set up.



Breeze, unlike the two apps above started life as a dedicated Bitcoin Lightning wallet and has Podcasting functionality put into it. It is different because it is a non-custodial lightning wallet. But if that doesn't mean anything to you, it doesn't matter. Just like the other two, you can load in some Sats and listen to shows.



Curiocaster is another web app that also streams sats. It's got a great video playing mode on the desktop.



Podverse has some great features including clipping and saving short segments. The value 4 value feature is still in beta, email contact at and they'll set you up to test on iOs or Android. Setting up your wallet is a little bit trickier BUT it makes you open an LNPay Account which will give you more control and understanding of what's going on with Lightning in the background.

Filling up with Sats

I've made this bit ridiculously easy for Hive users. In the US there are some apps like Strike which are very easy to buy Lightning with but we're on Hive, we have Hive!

  1. Open your Podcast App, find the wallet and hit the option to refill your wallet and decide how many Sats you want.
  2. You'll be shown a QR code and underneath that a blob of text which start lnbc..... That's called a "Lightning Invoice". Copy that.
  3. Head over to and paste your "Lightning Invoice" into the box. You'll be told how much that is in HBD or Hive.
  4. Use Keychain or Hivesigner to sign the transaction and you'll transfer some Hive to the account @v4vapp (that's me).
  5. My system will pay your Lightning invoice, and return your change as Hive or HBD.

The process looks like this:

You can do this all in the browser of Hive Keychain's phone app (though there might be a scrolling issue which has been fixed pending App store approval).

Streaming Sats!

Every show on @threespeak can stream sats! You can find these in most of the apps by searching for the creator's Hive name. I'll discuss this more in a companion post for creators.

Podcasting 2.0 and PodcastIndex

If you're interested in the whole new ecosystem of Podcasting 2.0, please take a look at the Mastadon We are building the future of decentralised, independent and uncensorable Podcasting over there and the work is very important. There's a ton of other integrations between Hive and Podcasting 2.0 I'd like to see worked on, but I'm only one person!

And Finally

I'll answer any questions and I'm once again asking that you vote to fund this ongoing work because I think will bring enormous attention to Hive. And if you've already voted, thank you, and feel free to encourage everyone you know, including some whales, to take a look.

Fees and fine print

I'm taking a small fee of 50 sats + 0.5% for transfers. HBD is value pegged at $1.10 if it is above that. The minimum sats invoice is 133 and the maximum is 70,000. I get the Hive/BTC Sats price from Coingecko. There are some rate limits and if the service gets hammered too hard I might run out of sats (and sats in the right places). You can see these parameters from the little blue "i" button on the This is highly experimental. If you have any issues I'll do my best to solve them.

Support Proposal 188 on PeakD
Support Proposal 188 with Hivesigner

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This is a major step forward.

Might I suggest you spell out some of your ideas for integrating Hive deeper into Podcasting 2.0. This way we can try and solicit some help from other developers who could aid in making Hive a central component to the new podcasting ecosystem that is being developed.

There are plenty of developers on Hive and a few might have a couple hours a week to help you would with.

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Hours in the day! We also just released the docker container version of the Podping Server!

I feel out of the loop on this... If I'm understanding correctly this is a way to pay to listen to podcasts with Bitcoin through hive?

Pretty much. And I haven't really pushed it that hard yet so don't feel bad. It's very early days for this.

Good one here

Amazing, thank you, it worked!

Now there is the problem of not finding hive users in the podcast app fountain.

Also I can not boost people for some reasons...


But bringing the sats worked dough 🍻


And the hive payback worked all fine.


Also tecived a lightning boost, so thanks for that, it works!

Now I wait for podfriend to bring out the android app.

Thank xou for all the work 🍀

The Fountain app right now is not searching the Podcast Index for podcasts but that has already been fixed and submitted to the App store and the Google play store I believe. It is coming very very soon and they're acutely aware of this.

It was one of the factors delaying my post but I just couldn't wait any longer for everything to be "perfect".

Awsome! Thank you verry much!
I totaly get the exitment and I 'm in hahahah
Cool development to be released, thank you for the indights!
Have a great one 🍻

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@podfriend do you have an Android app? Is it in a beta for now?

Realy looking forward to that!

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There is a link to an apk for Android on

Hey @brianoflondon, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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Amazing thank you 🤘

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I personally love podcasts and listen to them daily on the Pocket casts app, but never heard of podcasting 2.0 and it's ecosystem. It looks very promising actually! Good luck with your project!

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