Sunday (Friday) Blues - A Poem

in #poem5 months ago

it is when the last slice of bread
is cut
it is when everyone gets up
to leave
it is when the dirty dishes
are stacked up
to the roof of the kitchen roof
when I get the similar feeling
of a Sunday blues
on a Friday night

it is when the last lid
is placed back on every sauce
opened to satiate the hungry
it is when the sun
hugs the horizon
with her pregnant yellow glow
it is when the last car
leaves the yard
and the dogs don't run around
the yard
when I wonder when
the nostalgia will end

it is when the last plate
still warm with the last touch
is left unattended
it is when the last words
are still left hanging in the living room
it is when the coals of the fire
is barely showing its yellow glow
when I yearn for the simplicity of forgetting
what we had left and what could have been

it is when the silence
becomes deafening
it is when the static TV noises
tries to break the moment
it is when the clattering of dishes
ruins the burden of sorrow
it is when the smell
of the last cigarette dies out
that I know that the Friday
has turned into a Sunday blues

Postscriptum, or When the Blues Hit Hard

We are flying back in less than 24 hours. After a long day of cooking and enjoyment, it is time to write some poetry. There is a specific feeling, I call it the Sunday blues, which I oddly felt today, a Friday, and it basically consists of the poem I wrote in the above post. The poem is based on this feeling, a poem I have written many times in my home language in many different forms. It is the first time I have written something similar in English.

I am not sure if all of the same feelings have come through, but I hope it did. Maybe you are familiar with these feelings. In South Africa, it is usual to meet up with friends and enjoy the evening with some beer, good food, and music. These lead to this strange feeling of blues, whilst listening to blues music!

For now, happy reading and stay well.

All of the writings are my own, albeit inspired by these strange human feelings and emotions. The photographs are also my own, taken with my iPhone.