Frozen feet.

in #poem2 years ago

Left, right.. left right left.
Got a lean on this morning Sir.
Propping up with the rifle, shame it's not loaded.
Need one for the scone? Two cups of tea won't fix this son.

He's wrong side up.

Got another mountain to run.
Supplies for the kids, piles of white snow.
Won't melt in your hands like the fairy floss.
But it'll get your teeth real shiny.

Fubar is adequate.

Been walking for days, still yet to find a place to set up shop.
Camping is hard when you lack a tent.
Or a pole fit for pitching.
Got a woman hellbent on bitching tho.

Look at the mother fucker go.
Round and round.
Eat some more dirt Son.
Bite down on the leather.
Get off your knees and take another goddamn step.

It's all the same to me.

Hope you like it.

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